Wednesday, June 29, 2005

uman genetics has a great job potential in India and abroad. A large number of students in this field are getting a good response from foreign countries in the research as well as the job sector.
Students have a good opportunity to work in the area of pharmacogenomics in the pharmaceutical industry, besides having good career options in genetic testing laboratories, which is a relatively new concept in India, and studies the career status of diseased genes in different genetic disorders. There is also a chance to work in genetic counselling to the couples and families suffering from genetic diseases.

Course chat
r A. J. S. Bhanwar, head of the department of human genetics, Guru Nanak Dev University, which is the only department in this field in Punjab, informed that students of the department were doing exceptionally well in advanced countries like the USA, Canada, UK and the EU in the fields of molecular diagnostics, pharmacogenomics, genetic testing and genetic counselling etc.

In focus
Meeting entrepreneurial challenges

Even though several organisations are engaged in promoting entrepreneurial actigities, the Centre for the Development of advanced Computing (CDAC), Mohai, is concentrating specially on development of entrepreneurial skills in the areas of electronics, computer and information technology. Deepak Rana, PRO-cum-Coordinator, entrepreneurial activities, introduced the Technical Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (TEDP) way back in 1990-91 with the objective of creating entrepreneurial environment.

Bartending ó the new age career choice
Arvinder Kaur
ottle flipping and juggling glasses is fast emerging to be a hot choice as far as choosing a profession is concerned with fast increase in the demand for bar-tenders. Tom Cruise by his bartender act in "Cocktail" brought this unusual career into spotlight in the West. Hrithik, through his cola ad, made bottle flipping the cool way to tend a bar in India. A large number of youths here are joining this "high spirited" vocation, till recently not thought as a very civilised profession. 

TV, radio beckon
Manish Kumar Singal
s television and radio channels are adding up day by day, a new area of employment has come up , providing not only job satisfaction but also glamour and money. The television and radio industry has touched new heights with the coming into being of many channels.

Watch your words
I.M. Soni
or those with a healthy ambition to succeed, and a desire to earn the respect of others, the correct use of words is a vital asset. Speech is not merely a matter of accent. A strong regional accent need be no handicap so long as it is correct grammatically. The acid test of speech is in the quality of vocabulary.

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