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Decomposed body of labourer found
Police suspects murder
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 2
An unidentified migrant labourer was found murdered brutally in the Kuldip Nagar area of the Basti Jodhewal police station today late afternoon. His badly decomposed body suggested that he had been killed at least two days ago.

The labourer seemed to have been tortured before being killed. His body was found lying on the floor by the police today. The labourer's hands and legs were tied and the body was lying under a pile of clothes.

The Sunder Nagar police has found that the deceased was living as a tenant in the house with about 10 other labourers. The rest of the labourers were reported to be absconding. The labourers were employees of a hosiery. The employer and his brother too have been reported to be missing.

The area residents had complained to the police that foul smell was emanating from the house. The police broke open the door and found the body today late afternoon.

Police sources said the manner in which the man had been killed hinted that the murderer(s) had strong enmity with him. The needle of suspicion, however, pointed towards the co-tenants and the employers who had disappeared without any reason.

The police said it would also question the house owner who had allegedly leased out the place without registering the tenants with the police. The District Magistrate here has made the registrations of tenants compulsory.

The police faced an uphill task in removing the body. The foul smell made it very difficult to examine the body and to enter the room. The cops were seen spraying the room with air fresheners and perfumes to make it a little comfortable.

The body that was decomposed beyond recognition was shifted to the civil hospital mortuary for post-mortem examination, which would be conducted tomorrow. Police suspected that the deceased could have been strangulated to death or administered poison forcibly.

A number of murders of the labourers have occurred in the city in the past with the sole motive of robbery. It has been noted that the labourers accumulate their earnings but just before leaving the place a group or an individual murders the other tenant to take away his earnings.

However, in this case, the motive could be money as well as some strong dislike for the deceased which forced the accused to kill him in such a gruesome manner, police sources said.



Husband, 2 others held in dowry case
Our Correspondent

Amloh, July 2
Following a complaint by Ms Renuka, the local police has arrested her husband Suresh Kumar, mother in- law Sushila Devi and brother in-law Amrish, all residents of Khanna, in a dowry case. Vandana, sister of Suresh Kumar and resident of Kanda Ghat in Himachal Pradesh, is still at large.

The police registered a case under Sections 466, 498-A and 506 of the IPC against the four persons on July 1 for demanding Rs 2 lakh as dowry from Renuka’s parents.

Ms Renuka has stated in her complaint that she was married with Mr Suresh Kumar on December 4,1998. At the time of marriage Rs 21,000, a gold ring and a gold kara, as per demand by her in-laws, was presented to her husband, besides a gold jewellery set to her mother in-law. They gave costly gifts to other family members of Suresh.

The complainant is an ayurvedic doctor by profession. She was in government service at the time of marriage.

She further said her mother in-law used to take her monthly earnings and give her pocket money only. She gave birth to a baby boy at her parental house on April 19, 2000. All expenses were borne by her parents. She said her in-laws demanded Rs 2 lakh from her parents, who gave national saving certificates (NSC) of Rs 15,000 in the name of Renuka. However, her in-laws kept demanding Rs 2 lakh. They began maltreating her for not bringing money. She was beaten on several occasions.

The complainant alleged that they even tried to kill her by severely beating her up. Despite a patch up and assurance from her in-laws, things became worse. Circumstances forced her to leave her in-laws’ house on August 9, 2000. She remained with her parents for about one month. Her parents gave Rs 20,000 to her in-laws, who took her to Khanna on September 8, 2000.

Thereafter, she remained at her in-laws’ house for 15 months. Even during this period, she was abused and taunted as then she was not in job. They again started demanding Rs 2 lakh. At the time of the marriage of Vandana on December 6,2001, Renuka’s husband and mother in-law came to Amloh to get Rs 2 lakh from her parents. However, her parents expressed inability to pay money.

She further said after Vandana’s marriage her in-laws again maltreated her and beat her up. She informed her parents about it. Her parents along with some respectable persons came to her in-laws’ house, but she was again abused in their presence. Her in-laws forced her to leave their house. Her parents organised several meetings with her in-laws, but they remained adamant not to keep her in their house. They also intended to get Suresh married again, she maintained. 



Transport company’s manager, employees booked
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 2
The division No 6 police has booked a manager and over 10 employees of the Libra Transport Company for allegedly beating a driver and conductor of another private transport company and damaging a bus near Gill Chowk late last evening.

Those booked are Jagjit Singh (manager), Jagtar Singh, Gurdeep Singh, Pritpal Singh, Bakshish Singh and more than seven other employees of the transport company. According to the FIR No 118, lodged with Division No 6 police station, the accused had beaten the complainant, Sukhjinder Singh driver of Ambala Syndicate Company and damaged a bus of the company.

The incident took place at about 7 pm yesterday. The accused and the complainant had an argument earlier at the local bus stand. Sukhjinder alleged that they had heated argument over the route timing. He was taking the bus to Mohali.

At Gill Chowk, the accused stopped his bus, broke its windowpane and beat him and the conductor Sukhjinder Singh, later lodged a complaint with the police.

The police has booked the accused under Sections 341, 323, 427, 506, 379, 148 and 149 of the IPC.



Workers fail to shift martyr’s statue
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 2
In order to shift the statue of martyr Kartar Singh Sarabha, a team of workers spent at least three hours last midnight, but the statue could not be removed from its original podium.

The workers of the construction company, allotted the contract of elevated road, started shifting the statue around 11.30 last night and continued to struggle with it till 2 a.m. A JCB machines was also used for the work. Failing to do so last night, they suspended the work. They said they would finish the job by this evening. The workers said they had unscrewed the base, but the statue was very heavy.

‘‘We cannot use too much force the remove the statue as we do not want it to be damaged. Moreover, we are handling it very respectfully as it is the statue of a martyr. We have been specifically told to do so’’, said a worker, adding that it appeared light, but actually it was very heavy.

He added they had directions that it should be shifted at night as the process could obstruct the smooth flow of traffic.

During midnight there was hardly any traffic on this road. So that was the best time to do it.

The statue of the martyr faces a shifting as it obstructs the construction of an elevated road near the clock tower chowk. As per the plan, it would be shifted to an adjacent podium and later would be restored to its original position under the bridge.

Sources said the construction company had sought permission for shifting the statue in writing from the Municipal Corporation.



Governor to give LMA awards today
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 2
Gen S.F. Rodriques (retd), Governor of Punjab, would give away awards at a function to be organised by the Ludhiana Management Association (LMA) here tomorrow.

Journalist Prabhu Chawla would be the key speaker at the 27th annual function of the LMA, said Mr M.C. Munjal, president of the association.

He said three awards- LMA Vardhman Entrepreneur of the Year award 2004, LMA-Dayanand Munjal Manager of the Year 2004 and LMA-Trident Young Innovative Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2004 would be given on the occasion. The names of the winners would be announced at the function, Mr Munjal said.

Over 800 industrialists, central government officials, management professionals, academicians and student members of the association are expected to participate in the function.



Garish, outdated posters deface city walls
Asha Ahuja

Ludhiana, July 2
Dusehra celebration of 2004 are long over, but a big hoarding put up outside Aggar Nagar is still giving this information about the event. Another colourful hoarding with photographs of leaders of political parties, dressed in winter clothes, and with a part of board destroyed by the wind can be seen put up at a strategic point near Domoria Bridge.

The fluorescent posters in sharp magentas, and yellow colour of magician O.P. Arora stare at you from many walls of the city in spite of the fact that Arora’s last show was held on June 26. One does not know how long he will keep staring at the city dwellers.

Mr M.S. Cheema, a retired Professor says, “One does not understand why Municipal Corporation is not very vigilant about removing of the posters. I feel certain security should be deposited with Municipal Corporation for making sure that the posters pasted for publicity are removed after the event. Some tough actions have to be taken so that the city is not defaced with such outdated posters and boardings.”

“What is happening in the city is that old posters are not removed and the new ones are put up along the already existing ones. Some have made unsuccessful attempt to rip off the old ones. The half ripped off posters look quite ugly. It seems no one cares how the city appears to outsiders. My NRI friends are quite shocked to see the mess made on the walls and the big hoardings proclaiming an event long over. Earlier, at certain places in the city boards were placed where the posters of current films were put up, but these days, posters of new movies are being pasted anywhere and everywhere”, said housewife.

“Publicity material of jagratas, and picture of various godmen, tantriks, specialist doctors in certain diseases also occupy a chunk of space in the city. On several walls are covered with different colours blue, green, pink, yellow and to attract more attention the colours are becoming more garish and these hurt the aesthetic sense.

So “the people who put up these banners, posters and hoardings ought to be penalised,” said Mr Dhir, a school Principal. 



Barsi of Dr Ishwar Singh observed
Our Correspondent

Doraha, July 2
The second barsi of Dr Ishwar Singh, founder president of Guru Nanak National College and Guru Nanak Model Senior Secondary School, was observed at the Dr Ishwar Singh memorial hall in Guru Nanak National College here today.

After the bhog of Shri Guru Granth Sahib, prominent personalities of the area offered tributes to Dr Ishwar Singh. Recalling the contribution of Dr Ishwar Singh, the speakers elaborated upon his achievements as a physician, politician, educationist and social worker.

Speaking on the occasion, Jathedar Gurmail Singh Sangowal, member, SGPC, said, “Dr Ishwar Singh spent his life in the service of the poor and downtrodden. His fascination for knowledge and education is evident from the fact that he opened an educational institution in a small town like Doraha apart from being the trustee and the manager of numerous other educational institutions.

“Prof Balwant Singh Pangli, general secretary, College Management Committee, recalled the moments of his life he spent with Dr Ishwar Singh who, he said, “Was a genius. His dedicated efforts especially for the betterment of Doraha town and its people were exemplary.”

Mr Jaswant Singh Gill, Director of the college, said the path shown by the founder president should inspire the college staff for years together.

Among the prominent personalities, present on the occasion include Mr Tej Parkash Singh Kotli, former Transport Minister, Punjab, Mr Rajinder Singh Bhati, member, working committee, SAD, Jathedar Bharpoor Singh Jallah, and Bibi Bhagwant Kaur, Management Committee chief and wife of the founder president.



Half-hearted drive against encroachments flayed
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, July 2
“Every spare inch in the city is encroached upon and the Municipal Corporation of Ludhiana is carrying out the demolition of illegal encroachments half heartedly,” this was stated by Mr Sher Singh, President of the Environmental and Welfare Association. He said the encroachers come back soon after the MC clears the encroachments. In such a case how can the city be made beautiful and free of encroachments?

Few days back the MC demolished as many as 30-32 khokhas of vegetable, fruit, ice-cream, paper and meat sellers in order to allow free flow of traffic.

But the vendors have again put up their tents with bamboos and plastic sheets, thus making the demolition spree just an eye wash.

In this case too a vendor selling whisky was never touched by the demolition team. From this, it is clear, Mr Sher Singh alleged, that there was nexus between the encroachers, MC officials and politicians and as a result of this the city is becoming a virtual slum.

The stretch from Arora Cinema to Canal Bridge along with PSEB and ITI college many kiosks are being used to run various types of business and the MC has allegedly never bothered to remove the encroachments.

There are lot of jhuggies on the canal bridge which need to be shifted. It is high time that the MC carries out the demolition work with sincerity so that the encroachers do not return, said Mr Sher Singh.



Protect your home in rainy season

As the rainy season has just started and the humidity began to rise, the need to protect your house and goods from water damage has arisen. Here are steps you can take to keep your property safe and dry.

Keep important documents, including insurance policies, birth certificates and passports, in an easy accessible waterproof box.

Protect basement walls by coating them with cement. Caulk crocks around windows and doors to prevent water from seeping inside. Check old caulk every year for chips and cracks, which indicates the caulk has dried out and needs replacement.

Plug sewer traps with check valves — special valves that direct water in one direction only — thereby preventing water from re-entering your home. You can purchase these from a hardware store.

Checks trees in your yard and remove the dead branches, which could fall during a heavy rain and cause damage. Remove leaves, branches and debris from gutters and drains. Lower the water level in your swimming pool, so it is less likely to overflow during a heavy rain. The chlorinated pool water can be harmful to your grass. Turn off automated sprinkler system when rain is expected. Have a flash light, batteries and a first-aid kit on hand.

Stock up on sand and sandbags to fill in low areas around your home. Know how to turn your electricity off in the event your house gets flooded. Make sure not to switch on the electricity until everything has dried out.

If water damage occurs, get help right away. It only takes a few hours for bacteria the grow. Avoid using electrical appliances while standing on wet carpets or floors. Keep the gutters clean so that water is directed away from the house’s foundation. Coat the basement walls with a waterproof paint. Make sure the ground alongside the foundation has a slope down from the house.

Your yard should be graded to direct water to an appropriate drainage area. Consult an waterproofing contractor, if there is a need.

— Dr Anil Dheer



Rotary Club honours Harish Singla
Our Correspondent

Harish Singla
Harish Singla

Ludhiana, July 2
Mr Harish Singla, a member of the Rotary Club of Ludhiana (Central), R I Distt 3070 recently received a citation for meritorious service from the world head quarters for the Rotary International USA, and the Rotary Foundation. This prestigious award was presented to him by Mr Justice Narinder Sud, Judge Punjab and Haryana High Court at the District award function held in Pathankot in the presence of Rotary District Governor Dr Beena Misra of R I Distt 3070.

Talking to Ludhiana Tribune, Mr Singla said the citation was a prestigious one as it was not awarded to more than 200 Rotarians every year throughout the world. Mr Singla received this coveted citation for his contribution to the community over the past few years. He was the project director of a number of projects for which the funds were received from the Rotary International through its various humanitarian programmes.

“I was the project director of some permanent projects, including Rotary Laparoscopic Centre (US $ 14600), Rotary Blood Bank (US $ 27000), Rotary X-Ray Centre(US $ 15000), Rotary Endoscopy Centre, Rotary Diagnostic Centre etc. We had also arranged an aid(US $ 2000) for Tagore Bal Vidya Mandir, Jassian Road. All these medical projects are located and are being successfully run at Shri Krishna Hospital, Model Town”, said Mr Singla.

Recently he had started another project to set up Rotary Eye Care Centre at cost of $ 21300 that has been approved and the funds are expected shortly. This centre will be set up at Swami Vivekanand Hospital, Model Town. He is also instrumental in getting a project in which 500 Cataract operations will be done free of cost at Swami Vivekanand Hospital for which the grant funds has already been approved.

He is working for some future projects like setting up another X-ray centre at Shri Rama Charitable Hospital, Dholewal chowk at the cost of $ 10,000 and organising polio corrective surgery camp at the cost of $ 30,000. Mr Singla also served as the Assistant Governor for the year 2004-05. 



Money transfer from abroad made easy
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, July 2
The Department of Post is all set to launch value-added services for the public which will be made available at the doorstep of the customers.
Addressing a customer meet of the Western Union Money Transfer at her office here on Thursday, Ms Manisha Bansal, Senior Superintendent of Post Offices, Ludhiana City Division, said by introducing the facility of money transfer from abroad through Western Union, the postal department had made the process of transfer of funds from overseas a lot easier.

“More and more people are making use of this service as receiving funds through post offices is lawful and risk-free. Moreover, the required amount of cash is always available at the post offices,” she added.

Mr Subhasish Mukhopadhyay, a representative of Western Union Money Transfer, who was present at the function, said the company had launched a promotional scheme under which bi-monthly lucky draws were being held for the customers availing the service of money transfer through post offices.

Ms Bansal handed over the prizes to the respective postal officials for being given to the winners. 



Insurance firm office opens
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 2
Tata AIG General Insurance Company yesterday opened its full-services branch at Pakhowal road here. The branch will offer the company’s entire product suite, said Mr Dilip Verma, Managing Director.

Bank employees: On a call given by the All-India State Bank of Patiala Employees Federation, employees of the bank from the Jalandhar zone, held three rallies where its management decided to close its extension counters. 


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