Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Egg-cellent choice
With the growing demand for eggs and chicken products, poultry management and farming hold out immense work possibilities, writes
Usha Albuquerque

Although the commercial breeding of chickens has been known to farmers for over 300 years, the concept of poultry farming as an organised industry is relatively modern. In India, its practice has undergone a metamorphosis in the past three decades---from a small backyard operation of the mid-sixties, to the well structured, market-oriented enterprises of today. The Indian poultry industry, with over 1,00,000 poultry farmers producing 30 billion eggs every year, and 30 million broiler sold every month, ranks fifth in the world's with an annual growth rate of around 20 per cent.

Sandeep Joshi
Illustration by Sandeep Joshi

My business has picked up after I thought of advertising.

Why stand in a line when you can hunt jobs online
With so many online sites beckoning youngsters, job hunting has never been easier. But there are certain doís and doníts to be kept in mind when searching on the web for jobs, writes Roopa Hegde
one are the days when most of us would walk directly into the big online job boards whilst on a hunt for a new opportunity. Today, a large number of businesses, the government as well as non-profit organisations are employing the web to recruit employees.

Choosing A Career
Neerja Gautam
In the competitive world of today, job hunting is not an easy task. It is of paramount importance to know how to choose and plan oneís career; when the jobs are available; and what kind of preparation is required for getting them. The process of career planning is usually initiated during the secondary and senior secondary years at school.

Career Hotline
Fashion a future in designing
Pervin Malhotra
Q. Like some of her pals, my daughter (17) insists on becoming a fashion designer. She says thereís more money in fashion than in any other field of design. Is it true?

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