Saturday, August 13, 2005

Rhyme timE
Independence Day

Independence day is an important day,

As on this day India found its way.

For us freedom fighters sacrificed their lives,

They didnít even think about their children and wives.

Of free India, Nehru was the first Prime Minister,

He treated everyone as his own brother and sister.

This free India which today we got,

This joy our freedom fighters have brought.

Tiranga was declared the national flag once India became free,

It looks colourful and glorious when hoisted above trees.

Of the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters when I read,

Make me feel we should always be one in the hour of need.

Madhujot Madan, V-B,
DAV Public School,

Glimpses of Himachal

The land of forest,

The land of clear white snow

Itís Himachal a heaven on earth

On which fir trees grow.

On one side the Kulu valley sprawls,

and on the other the Sutluj crawls.

You can admire nature,

And in the morning see some lovely creature.

Dense forests all around,

And valleys with rivers beautifully spread on ground.

It is the land of festivals and fairs,

Here ĎNaatií is performed in pairs.

Itís the land of glorious people,

Just enjoy the orchards of apricots and apples.

Aayushi, VIII-A,
St. Lukeís Senior Secondary School, Solan


My favourite season is autumn

But it is for a short-term

It comes between summer and winter

During this season leaves change colour

People play many games

And spread their names.

The weather is pleasant

All get ready for the winter like the ant

Christo Light Selvam, VIII,
Shivalik Public School, Jaito