More might to Akbar-Salim dialogues

It had to happen. The dialogues of the famous classic Mughal-e-Azam, by eminent Urdu writers Aman, Ehsaan Rizvi, Kamaal Amrohi and Wajahat Mirza, are as majestic as the film itself. So, documentary film-maker and writer Nasreen Munni has authored a book on this subject.

In the authorís words, "The book will be in three languages, Urdu, Hindi and English. There will also be a Roman Urdu version for those who cannot read either the Urdu or the Devanagri script.

The main problem was that of ensuring that the flow of the stately Urdu language has been correctly translated into English and this has been done by Urdu writer Suhail Akhtar.

A sample:

Akbar: The first beat of the war-drum will announce death.

Courtier: Whose death, Your Majesty?

Akbar: (When speaking of Anarkali). Hers. The one whose wretched love has obscured Salimís sight so that he can no longer see me. Wipe out that darkness.

Trample on the poisonous head of that enchanting serpent that slithers between Salim and us.

According to Nasreen Munni, the single most striking moment in the film was the last song Utho, hamaara salaam le lo by Anarkali,

as Salim lies unconscious. Lata Mangeshkarís rendition of this song and the whole tragic tone of the scene are extraordinary. ó MF