Useful presentation
Jayanti Roy
The Essential Guide to Doing Research
by Zina O’Leary, Vistaar Publications, Paes 226. Rs 350.

THERE is nothing original in the theme of how to conduct research. There are a number of books available on the topic and a lot of websites also provide tips on research methodology.

The researcher while doing research is already so much burdened by the tiring process that reading a 226-page book on how to go about doing the job will be asking for too much. But, it must also be considered that researchers today lack proper scientific training for conducting intensive research. There are too many poor quality theses/papers/ projects to vouch for this unfortunate situation.

In this scenario, this book can be recommended for students aspiring to take up research for its precise and pertinent information and observations. It will also help even those with experience to get a fresh approach and creative ideas towards research.

The book touches upon all the important aspects of the process — beginning from developing the research question to the review of literature to data collection, analysis and the final writing. The chapters are further broken down into clearly demarcated smaller sections with crisp headings. The format with lots of tables, flowcharts and figures makes for better comprehension and effortless reading. Case studies, useful tips in eye-catching boxes, keywords, quotes and summary given in each chapter make for reading enjoyable.

The book also discusses issues such as student-guide relationship, power and ethics of research, facilitating change through research, crisis of confidence of the researcher have been brought forth in a lucid manner.

The book itself is a fine example of a well-researched presentation and has the potential to motivate the researcher towards taking up a well-organised, properly planned and expertly managed research project.