Explosive matter

Jaspal Bhatti

A candidate appearing for an interview for the Police Department examination was asked to elaborate the term "RDX". He replied confidently, "Reputation Demolition Explosive". The committee didnít seem to understand. The candidate explained that RDX could be planted in the suspectís house so that he could be easily picked up from his house by the police. "Bhai sahib, inke ghar se RDX nikla hai," is what the police will claim and you can be sure that after that nobody will come out in support of you.

"Can RDX be reused?" one of the members of the committee asked. The candidate said, "Of course. You can use, reuse the same RDX for nabbing and implicating any number of persons. The beauty of this banned chemical is that the suspect cannot get a bail easily".

He was asked about the chemical properties of RDX. Was it a primary explosive or a secondary one and how it could be detonated or fused off.

The candidate said, "Sir, had I been appearing for an interview to get admission into a terrorist group, I would have known the properties and the working of RDX. Here I am only telling how RDX can be used in the Police Department". The candidate was kicked out of the committee room for telling too much truth.