Saturday, September 3, 2005

Rhyme timE
Bane of rain

The weather was hot,

The area was swept by drought.

It was a sunny day,

When clouds had begun to play.

Black clouds appeared in the sky,

The heat of sun began to fly.

The strange silence began to sink,

The peacock started to sing.

Then began the downpour,

And people begged for more and more.

Then came the flood very fast,

It seemed like a cloudburst.

The flood took everything with its waves,

People took shelter under the caves.

Water had swept everything,

Yet there was no drop to drink.

Vipul Gupta, IX-C, Sainik School,

Philosopher teacher

September 5 is celebrated as teachers’ day,

On this day falls Dr Radhakrishnan’s birthday.

Statesman, sage and a great philosopher,

He taught English to the British as a teacher.

When Stalin desired to meet the professor,

Who read for 24 hours when he was Russia’s ambassador.

The dictator was very happy and impressed,

To meet the statesman who was neatly dressed.

His famous words were ‘it takes centuries to make a little history,

And centuries of history to make a tradition of the country’.

Let us salute his ideas on this Teachers’ Day,

Such great men and women are rare today,

To loot and rob, everyone is so keen.

Let us swear today to uphold his step,

And study his history in great depth.

Who lived and died for this great nation,

With self-discipline, devotion to duty and dedication.

Aruna Parmar, IX,
Maharishi Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School,
Nadaun, Hamirpur