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Salman Rushdie: Mesmerising generations of readers
Salman Rushdie: Mesmerising generations of readers

HOW did Salman Rushdie live through the fatwa? Did Mario Puzo work for the mob? Why was Jeffery Archer forced to resign his seat in British Parliament? Join The History Channel as it unfolds lives of top authors in The Write Stuff every Saturday at 10 pm.

The series features writers like Salman Rushdie, Jeffrey Archer, William Shakespeare, Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, Sidney Sheldon, Mario Puzo, Mark Twain and H.G. Wells, whose writings continue to dominate the bestseller lists across the globe.

Each episode reveals the trials and tribulations of these writers on their journey to literary success even as they continue to fascinate and mesmerise generations of readers.

The series throws light on the inspirations behind their writings — From Mario Puzo’s mother’s influence in creating Don Corleone’s character, to the prophecies which H. G. Wells became popular for to how the fatwa influenced Rushdie’s future novels.`A0So, if you are a reading buff, this is food for the brain.