Saturday, September 17, 2005

Rhyme time
Rain of happiness

I like a rainy day,

In the rain, I love to play.

As the rain starts,

A thrill begins in my heart.

There was a heavy downpour,

Everybody let out a joyous roar.

From the street, I heard some calls,

Of my friends bathing in the heavy rainfall.

People were wearing raincoats,

We started floating paper boats.

Everyone bathed to beat the heat,

Bathing in the rain was like a great feast

These moments of my life I did relish,

From my mind, these images will never perish.

Everyone should enjoy the rain,

And forget all mental strain.

Gaurav, VIII-C, St Joseph’s Convent School, Ferozepore

Book sense

Books are our best friends,

Reading books is an old trend.

They help us achieve our aim,

Which is not an easy game.

In books, the secret of success is hidden,

They also make the ocean of our knowledge widen

Books tell us to be patient at all times,

From these, we learn interesting stories and rhymes.

Without books, our life is useless,

And without knowledge we are

Samreet Gill, VI-G, Spring Dale Senior School, Amritsar


Search within

God is one, only one,

He is friend of everyone.

If you ask me, "Where is God"?

Then search inside your heart.

In your dreams, in your mind,

God is there all the time.

Call God from your heart,

He will meet you never to part.

Ravina Raina, VIII-B, St Luke’s School, Solan, HP