Wednesday, September 28, 2005

IIT-JEE makeover
Unlimited gain or limited prospects
ill the proposed IIT-JEE guidelines pave the way for the selection of the best brains among the aspiring technocrats? Or will limiting the number of attempts and putting a lower limit on the plus two score queer the pitch in favour of those with access to the best learning and coaching grounds?
Vibha Sharma finds out.

Sandeep Joshi

Illustration by Sandeep Joshi
Are you sure they’re busy in work and not chatting online?

Promising MBA aspirants a different choice
Gayatri Rajwade

t is a model that offers you everything in one year flat! Admissions Managers, Hima Bindu and Nityanand Jha, are holding road shows to introduce the concept of their school to the multitudinous MBA aspirants scattered across the country. What their institute, the ISB, offers is a one-year, post-graduate programme in management at any time of one’s life. As Hima Bindu puts it, “This translates into no CAT, but a process very much like applying to a foreign university.” 

Smart Skills
Court the legal option
Usha Albuquerque
f courtroom dramas excite you and TV serials like Street Legal have been among your favourites, then it is worth considering a career as a lawyer. But stay tuned — while law is a fascinating career, the notion is slightly less romantic in reality than the TV serials make it out to be. Work is tough and involves a lot of responsibilities. Often you hold somebody’s future in your hands. 

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Career Hotline
Beware the off-campus coaching centres
Pervin Malhotra