“Unlike in the West, here the stars are trapped in their own images.” Shah calls the shots
Naseeruddin Shah has donned different roles at different times. Now he has turned director with Yun Hota To Kya Hota. Nirupama Dutt on the versatile actor who crossed the borders from parallel to commercial cinema and from Bollywood to Hollywood.

“Unlike in the West, here the stars are trapped in their own images.”

Big top, bleak future
Thakur Paramjit
Stiff competition from modern means of entertainment like the cinema, television and the internet have sounded the death knell for circus. Also movements by animal rights activists and legislations in this regard have further eroded its chances of survival.

Sage and the soldier
Gandhi, the ‘General’ of India’s non-violent struggle and General Cariappa, first Chief of the Indian Army, might have differed on the role of war but they respected each other’s views. On Gandhi Jayanti, Lalit Mohan recaps the encounters.

Jassi on the web
is a college teacher and a desperate housewife by the day and a "serial killer" by the night. A mother of a five-year-old boy, Anindita Sengupta juggles with her commitments at home and workplace.

The other Taj Mahal
Shona Adhikari

is another Taj Mahal that was created by another Shah Jahan. Very different from the celebrated monument in Agra, built as a mausoleum the other Taj Mahal was built by Begum Shah Jahan in Bhopal and was meant to be lived in.

Family plot
Not many star children in Hollywood have done as well as or better than their parents.
Vikramdeep Johal checks out their balance sheet

When Michael Douglas won the best actor Oscar for Wall Street (1987), he thanked his father for allowing him to step out of his shadow. Dad Kirk Douglas had indeed cast a giant shadow, scorching the screen in classics like Spartacus (1960) and Paths of Glory (1957).

Wah Ustads Wah
Naresh Raj

The Hussain brothers are talented composers who have created original music for serials, plays and documentaries.
How many ghazal singers can claim that they have performed before the President of India. Besides that, how many can claim that their records have been released by the Prime Minister of India? The famous Hussain brothers can claim this success.

Doors open for No Entry guy
Vicky Lalwani
Your plan to get married to Mumtaz’ daughter Natasha Madhvani has surprised many.
I don’t see why. We’ve known each other since a very long time. Our families have known each other forever. Her mom and my dad did a lot of films together, including my dad’s first home production Apradh.


televisioN: Show with message

Hollywood hueS: Smooth sailing in Dark Water
by Ervell E. Menezes

FOOD TALK: More than a ‘fast’ food
by Pushpesh Pant

NATURE: No longer dead as a dodo
by Christine Heston 

CONSUMER RIGHTSMore power to the poor
by Pushpa Girimaji

ULTA PULTA: Batty business
by Jaspal Bhatti



Off the shelf
Oriental myths and realities
V. N. Datta
From Empire to Orient: Travellers to the Middle East (1830-1926)
by Geoffrey P. Nash. I.B. Tauris, London.
Pages VII+247. £ 24.

Venice is his muse
Harsh Desai
His nearly unforgettable first book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, based in Savannah, Georgia which had blazed international best seller charts for several months if not years, after its publication in 1994, was slowly being forgotten and those who remembered, asked whether John Berendt was just another one-book wonder?

A billion issues and development
Meeta Rajivlochan

A Billion is Enough: India’s Population Problem—a Way Out
by Ashok Gupta.
Ajanta Books, New Delhi. Pages 139. Rs 195.


Gripping tale of Indian worker abroad
R. L. Singal

Autobiography of an Indian Indentured Labourer:  Munshi Rahman Khan (1874-1972)
Shipra Publications.
Pages 271. Rs 495

Latest Potter is most successful
James T. Madore

Potter hasn't lost a bit of his magic. The sixth book about the boy wizard, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, has sold more than 11 million copies since its U.S. release on July 16, the publisher, Scholastic Corp. says.

Life and language
Tracing the origin of everyday expressions in English, Raj Chatterjee observes that there are few books in the world so replete with words of wisdom as the Old Testament.

When poetry transcends the language barrier
C.D. Verma
Angrezi Ke Shreshth Kavi aur Unki Shreshth Kavitayen
by Kuldip Salil
Rajpal & Sons, Delhi, Pages 163. Rs 190.

Back of the book

  • The Girls from Overseas
    by Nergis Dalal. Penguin Pages 210, Rs 200

  • The Wives of Bath
    by Wendy Holden. Pages 468 £2.99

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    by Dan Chaon. John Murray, London. Pages 356. £6.90.

  • Wolves of the Calla The Dark Tower
    by Stephen King. Hodder & Stoughton.
    Pages 616. £9.40.

  • Vishwa Mohan Bhatt — The Musical Messiah
    by Kanchan Mathur. Pages xii+132. Price not stated.