Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Destination UK
igh quality of education, internationally recognised qualifications and shorter duration of courses is attracting Indian students in large numbers to pursue studies in the United Kingdom. 

Options overseas
“A degree from Britain is the ticket to a plum job”

s a part of its ‘Education UK Initiative’, the British Council has been organising a series of road shows, seminars and exhibitions in different cities. Such events, says Ruchika Castelino, Head, Education UK India, British Council, are an opportunity to get the right information about courses and universities, about scholarships, staying arrangements etc.

Earn while you learn 
Amrita Dhaliwal
nown to be an expensive country to study in, with strict visa rules, the UK is now making itself more attractive for the youth looking for options to earn and learn abroad. For, not only has it made its visa rules more flexible, now it is also providing students a lot of opportunities to work part-time while studying, to help fund their stay there. Foreign students in the UK can now work up to 20 hours per week and full-time during vacations.

Sandeep Joshi

Sir, whose RAM did you say we should increase? The man’s or the machine’s?

Get ahead in the CAT race
Sandeep Manudhane
he Common Admission Test (CAT) is upon us again, slated for November this year. This year, the expected figure of students appearing for CAT is about 1,60,000. Make sure you stand out in this crowd. If you have missed out anything, don’t forget to take Prac-CATs. Prepare for it as if it is the real thing. There is still time for you to test yourself. CAT is unique in the sense that the attributes required to clear it are more than what meets the eye. Not only is knowledge important, a capacity to stay cool under time constraint is also required. Intelligence is no doubt crucial but a basic common sense plays an equally important role.

Smart Skills
Shop for work in market research
Usha Albuquerque
f Hindustan Levers wants to launch a new soap, they need to first decide on who will buy the soap. Is the target consumer, a man or a woman? Should it be a face or bath soap? What fragrance should it have? These and other such questions will need to be asked to help the company take important decisions regarding the new product. Detailed data is required to be collected before planning a campaign in order to explore possible markets for a product or service. This is what market research is all about.

Workaholics deconstructed
Vickie Elmer

ome workaholics find it as difficult to cut back their hours as shopaholics do to trim their spending, even though their behaviour can damage health and home life. Workaholics believe they make rational decisions about the time they put in but may misjudge costs and benefits, says Joel Slemrod of the University of Michigan, who with Daniel Hamermesh, of the University of Texas, recently wrote a paper on the subject for the National Bureau of Economic Research. Workaholism, the economists say, is acquired early in a career and shows up as more hours. Workaholics skew the money-for-effort equation. Some even delay retirement. "Both of us certainly struggle with this," says Slemrod. "In my business, it’s a badge of honor to say you’re too busy."

Career Hotline
Better to apply for the US Fall session
Pervin Malhotra