Wounded innocence
Photos: Kuldip Dhiman
The definition of child abuse varies from country to country. Acts that result in physical, sexual or emotional abuse, or neglect of children fall under the purview of law in almost all developed nations. In India, child abuse exists in many forms, but the laws are still ambiguous and most children suffer in silence, reports Sukhdeep Kaur
SHE makes her way through Toronto’s biting December chill, drops her two-year-old daughter at the daycare and speeds across the snow-capped roads to her destination, her mind in a constant state of trepidation. The task at hand today is not just onerous but heart-rending too.

Ulysses’ Ithaca discovered
N amateur British archaeologist has claimed to have discovered Ithaca, the homeland of Homer’s legendary hero Odysseus.

Ramlila still charms
Ramlilas have survived the march of time and technology and have been reinvented with a dash of wizardry, writes Chaman Ahuja
COME September (read, Navratras) and the night-life in North India undergoes a sea-change — thanks to the Ramlilas all around. Of course, things are changing: The number of Ramlilas is coming down, as also the number of the audiences who prefer instead the movies and TV serials based on Rama Katha.

There are regional variations in the dramatisation of the Ramlila. — A Tribune photo
There are regional variations in the dramatisation of the Ramlila.

Artistic display of Kolu dolls
Navratri is celebrated in various modes in different regions, says Ashok Krishnan
N Tamil Nadu and to a lesser extent in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, the festival of Navratri is called Kolu, when women set up decorated planks in a corner and place on it all the dolls in the house. The word seems to have been derived from the Tamil Kolu or Telugu Koluvai, which means a sovereign sitting in his royal durbar.

Devoted to Durga
Durga Puja is the greatest social and cultural event of the year in Bengal. No other religious festival generates the same amount of enthusiasm in the Bengalis, reports Kiran Narain
HILE Dasehra in the North is celebrated to commemorate Rama’s victory over Ravana, in Bengal it is a celebration of Maa Durga’s encounter with the demon Mahishasur.

DANDIYA goes pop
Vinaya Kumar
HE most colourful event of Navaratri in Gujarat and Mumbai is the performance of Garba or Dandiya Raas, Gujarat’s popular folk-dance, throughout the nights of these nine days. Groups of young men and women dance around an earthen lamp, representing Goddess Durga, kept in a decorated mud jar called Garba, singing songs accompanied by the rhythmic clapping of hands — an expression of gratitude towards goddess Durga for saving the world from the atrocities of the Mahishasur.

Past Forward
Pyar Mein Twist recreates the magic of Bobby after 32 years, writes Nirupama Dutt
OR many moviegoers Pyar Mein Twist, starring Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia, may just be another of those middle-aged love stories with a little more oomph and fun than Baghbaan. But for those who had witnessed the hype and hysteria created by Raj Kapoor’s late classics Bobby (1973) some 32 years ago.

Dimple and Rishi in Bobby
Dimple and Rishi in Bobby

A still from Pyar Mein Twist
A still from Pyar Mein Twist

The James bond
Rohit Jugraj, a doctor from Delhi, who has debuted with the slickly made James, talks to Komal Vijay Singh about his journey to the dream factory
E is the guy who could have been an Army officer. He went on to become a doctor but found his calling in film-making. He is the newest kid on the Bollywood firmament.


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Handy tool for managers
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Abhishek Publications.
Pages 204. Rs 395.

She founded PEN
Matt Schudel

Up close with reality
by Jyoti Singh
The Prism of Life: The Song of Silence
by Harish Dhillon. Unistar, Chandigarh, 2005.
Rs 250. Pages 144.

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Dare to Publish
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Books, New Delhi. Pages 251. Rs 295.

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Desirable French award
Author-journalist Tarun J. Tejpal has moved one step closer to winning France’s prestigious Prix Femina Etranger award for the best foreign novel with his debut work making it to a shortlist of eight.

Punjabi Review
Sikhism made easy
Satinder Singh
Sikh Panth Vishav-Kosh (Two Vols)
by Dr Rattan Singh Jaggi. Gur-rattan
Publishers, Patiala.
Pages 1645. Rs 750 each.