Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Tourism sector beckons
There are a host of options for those looking to make a mark in the lesser-explored but relatively new job areas. Tourism is all set to be an industry that will be the world's largest by 2010, reports
Geetanjali Gayatari

Medical tourism growing by 30 pc
Aditi Tandon

The medical tourism sector of India is booming like never before. With the Ministry of Health stating that the sector is growing at the rate of 30 per cent every year, several new specialties are being added to those already covered under the sector.

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Write a resume that generates results
Arvind Sharma

How to present your work history, education, etc.
Most resumes are not much more than a collection of “evidence”, various facts about your past. By evidence, it means all mandatory information you must include on your resume: work history with descriptions, dates, education, affiliations, list of software mastered etc. If you put this towards the top of your resume, anyone reading it will feel like he is reading an income tax form. Let’s face it, this stuff is boring no matter how extraordinary you are.

Bosses don’t eye iPods with favour
Mike Musgrove

he popularity of the iPod is visible on city sidewalks and in gyms; now the popular digital music player’s distinctive white earphones are becoming a more familiar sight at the office. Phyllis Davis, a business etiquette expert, condemns listening to music on the job as “tantamount to stealing” because, she says, workers who are listening to digital players aren’t as focused.

Smart Skills
Enhance profile, the correspondence way
Usha Albuquerque

wants to take up diploma in interior design but also wants to complete a degree. Anjali is now married, and as a B.Com graduate wonders if there is any course she can do so as to get a good job. Nitin is unable to get into a good college, as his marks were low. So what can they do?

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Career Hotline
Lawyers with global writ
Pervin Malhotra