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Man arrested for murder of mother, brother
Jupinderjit Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 14
Greed of property allegedly led a man to murder his mother and elder brother, who were found dead in their rented house in Mundian village five days ago. The man took the help of another relative and a hired killer for the murder.

Claiming this in a media conference here today, SP City-II Kuldip Singh and SHO Division No 7 Dharampal said the accused Gurbachan Singh and his brother-in-law Gurbhej Singh have been arrested while the hired killer Mani was absconding.

Incidentally, the murder case of Balwant Kaur (72) and her son Mohinder Pal Singh (45) was registered on the complaint of the prime accused Gurbachan Singh, a resident of Guru Teg Bahadur in the village, who was the first to find the bodies.

The prime motive was to pocket a few lakhs which the deceased Mohinder had earned in a recent sale of a plot. The prime accused Gurbachan Singh had allegedly promised to pay Rs 1.50 lakh to his two accomplices for carrying out the murder.

Gurbachan also had to pay a debt of Rs 1 lakh to his brother. He did not want to repay and thought his brother’s murder would clear the way, the police claimed.

SP City II Kuldeep Singh said the case was cracked on the basis of an injury on the hand of one of the accused Gurbhej Singh. He said the two brothers Gurbachan and Mohinder had a joint business of brokering sale-purchase deal of trucks. The second accused Gurbhej Singh, too, worked with them but had left the business due to some difference of opinion over some matter.

Gurbhej Singh’s injury did not look like suffered in an accident. Actually he had got the injury in a scuffle with the deceased Mohinder Singh.

The police initially believed that Mohinder was living in poverty-stricken conditions. However, later on during investigations it was found that he had substantial property.

The police said Gurbachan Singh had during initial questioning admitted that he had to repay Rs 1 lakh to his brother Mohinder who often reminded him of the debt. This had caused bitter arguments between the two several times.



Man strangulated to death
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 14
Unidentified persons brutally tortured a middle-aged migrant labourer by inflicting injuries before strangling him to death in the grain market near Jalandhar bye-pass at midnight yesterday. The murderers also allegedly set the body on fire to conceal his identity and destroy evidence.

The murder came to light this morning, when area residents saw a partially-burnt body in a corner of the market. The deceased was identified as Bikan Shah(40), who hailed from Bihar. His second wife and a sister lived in a slum area near the market. They identified him. His first wife had died a long time back in Bihar.

The police was suspecting some illicit relationship as the cause of the gory murder. SHO Salem Tabri G .S. Bains said may be an illicit relationship was the cause of the murder. A number of such cases had taken place in the past where migrant labourers had brutally murdered another by inflicting injuries in order to take revenge.

The SHO said two or more persons seem to be involved in the case. It was not possible for one man to torture the deceased in such a manner. Interestingly, no one so far reported hearing any cries of the deceased even as a slum which included his house was situated close by.

The deceased belonged to sikteen village in district Ararayia of Bihar. He had come to the city only few months ago.

The deceased was married twice. His second wife Sangeeta, aged 19-year-old only has been detained for questioning. The deceased's sister Geeta Devi lived in the same slum with her husband Ravinder Shah. The police was questioning them as well as other area residents to find some lead in the case.

The post-mortem examination of the deceased conducted of the deceased has confirmed death due asphyxia caused by strangulation and torture. There were other injury marks on the body too.



Beware, before you have aerated drinks
Mahesh Sharma

Ludhiana, October 14
Before you gulp a bottle of a dark aerated drink, beware. Starting from weakening of bones to causing damage to kidneys and nervous system, these “acidic drinks” contain many harmful chemicals which are detrimental to health, especially of children.

According to two dieticians of Hero DMC Heart Institute, Megha Sharma and Harsimrat, who have written a paper on the harmful properties of these drinks, it is better to stay away and switch over to some friendly drinks.

Talking to Ludhiana Tribune on the occasion of World Food Day today, Megha Sharma said the dark coloured drinks contained caffeine, which was addictive in nature and was not good for health in large quantities.

She said phosphoric acid present in the aerated drinks could damage bones and enamel of tooth. “If a child’s tooth was kept in an aerated drink for around 20 days it dissolved in it. Incidentally, an enamel is the hardest substance known in the human body. If the drink could damage the hardest part, what would it do to the other body parts,” she asked.

Besides lead acetate, another ingredient of aerated drinks was known to cause damage to kidneys and nerves. It was proving to cause cancers of various types, she added.

Other chemicals present in the drinks, that were known to be harmful for the body included carbon dioxide, methyl benzene, potassium solvent and sodium benzoate.

“There was a lot of hue and cry when an NGO had made these startling exposures but the fact remains that these drinks should be avoided.”

Megha Sharma said the ph value of these drinks were 3.4 and it was on the acidic side. The drinks which are to be consumed by humans should have a ph value around 7. Otherwise those should not be taken at all.

Not only the children but pregnant women should also be wary of these drinks as these could affect the proper growth of unborn baby.

“Schools in the USA have stopped giving these drinks to children there. If we cannot take these steps at least the parents here should make it a point not to allow their children have these drinks. This is the only way to escape the harmful effects. Otherwise, it is a sad state of affairs that our children drink bottles of aerated drinks with a great gusto. This has to be avoided,” she said.



Scooterist killed, 2 women hurt in accident
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 14
A scooterist was killed and two, including a woman and girl, were injured when a Ludhiana-bound bus hit a Tata 407 mini truck while overtaking, which in turn hit a scooter on the Ferozepore road near Mullanpur Dakha here today.

The scooterist, Kamaljeet Singh of Kishanpura, died on the spot, his daughter and mother-in-law, both pillion riding, were seriously injured.

Surinderpal Kaur, a resident of Mandiani village, mother-in-law of the deceased, got serious leg injuries while his daughter sustained head injuries. All the three vehicles were going towards Ludhiana when the accident took place near link road of Mandiani on the Ferozepore road.

Drivers and conductors of both the vehicles absconded leaving their vehicles behind. The highway patrol van shifted the injured to the Civil Hospital, Ludhiana, after providing them first aid at Pandori Nursing Home, Mullanpur.



Decade-old murder case solved
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 14
“A criminal can hoodwink the law for long but one day he has to pay the price”. This adage has once again been confirmed with the arrest of two persons , including a woman, who had murdered the woman’s alleged paramour almost a decade ago.

Retrieving the case from the dusty files of police records, the Focal Point police today announced that Balwinder Singh, a resident of Hargobind Nagar, found stabbed to death on February 17, 1996, was killed by his alleged former paramour Bholi and three hired killers. They were Ajay Kumar, Bunty and a yet-to-be-identified person

Of these, the police today announced the arrest of Bholi and Ajay, who was a rickshaw-puller and had agreed to be a part of the murder team on payment of several thousand rupees.

The woman, Bholi, had conceived the plot of the murder, allegedly out of vengeance. She had a long affair with the deceased and both lived together for a while. Balwinder’s parents, however, broke their relationship forcibly and married him off to Kulwinder Kaur.

SP City II Kuldeep Singh told mediapersons that Bholi had given a “supari” of Rs 1.50 lakh to one hired killer, Bunty, who had also taken the help of a rickshaw-puller Ajay Kumar, a migrant from UP.

According to the FIR registered with the Focal Point police station on the complaint of Kulwant Singh, a neighbour of some unidentified persons with muffled faces had stabbed Balwinder to death after demanding money from him.

The assailants had decamped with Rs 1,000 and some gold jewellery. The police had been working on the case all these years before a team led by SHO Warryam Singh busted the case.



Passing Thru

Balbir Singh Rajewal
Mr Balbir Singh Rajewal, national general secretary, Bharti Kisan Union.

What are the new challenges before BKU ?

Now that politics has become a business, the role of BKU as a pressure group is diluted. The farmers will have to capture power if they want to save themselves from their bleak future. The present corrupt and stagnant system won’t deliver goods.

Are you satisfied with the scheme for free power to the farmers ?

It is the result of a poll promise of the ruling party. But mere promise of free power to farmers is not satisfactory. The farmers have to be given remunerative prices of their agricultural products based on some logical formula, that too on scientific calculations. Till such time, the farmers will remain a dissatisfied lot.

What about those farmers who do not have power connections for their tubewells ?

Till the government continues its policy of freezing MSP which is stagnant since the last seven years, nobody will get justice. Moreover, free power does not give any direct benefit to farmers because no component of power expenditure is calculated while fixing the MSP.

— P.S. Batra



Traffic jam in Ghumar Mandi
D.B. Chopra

Ludhiana, October 14
The busy commercial hub of Ghumar Mandi in the city was once again plagued with a nerve-testing traffic jam this afternoon that lasted for about two hours, bringing once again to the fore the menace of encroachments in the area.

Ever since Ghumar Mandi, once a desolate place, came to be reckoned as new commercial centre for the Civil Lines area, it has witnessed remarkable changes. Old haveli-type buildings have made way for palatial shopping plazas and showrooms. Business activity has increased so much that even more modern buildings are still being razed to erect multi-storyed shopping complexes.

In addition to the roadside encroachments by shopkeepers and rehriwallahs, the other factor which gives rise to congestion in the area is the absence of a proper parking. Cars, scooters and motor cycles are parked all along the road in a haphazard manner. Some time ago, the traffic police, in consultation with the Ghumar Mandi Shopkeepers Association, had finalised a plan to ensure a smooth flow of traffic. A yellow line was drawn and a road divider in the shape of small pillar-like obstacles was also put in place. But the plan did not last very long.

The other day this reporter witnessed a traffic cop nonchalantly watching the chaos on the road in the Ghumar Mandi chowk.

Because of the festival season, all shops have made extra extensions and the number of rehris selling household items are also increasing with the passing of each day. It seems the residents are in for more traffic jams in the days to come.



LPG shortage fuels BJP protest
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 14
The BJP and the Bhartiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) activists held a demonstration at Dandi Swami Chowk here today. They were protesting against the acute shortage of cooking gas (LPG) prevailing in the region.

Mr Anil Sarin, state secretary of the party, who led the protest, charged the Congress-led UPA government with deliberately creating LPG scarcity and failure to take remedial measures well in time. He said the present LPG shortage reminded one of the Congress regime in 70s when scarcity and black marketing were prevailing all around.

The BJP leader said common people were being made to wait for weeks together to get a cylinder refilled and even had to pay Rs 200 to Rs 300 more for buying one gas, cylinder.

Speaking on the occasion, the district secretary of BJYM, Mr Sandeep Kapoor, said the mess in LPG distribution and connectivity had been created due to UPA government. “During the previous NDA regime, LPG was available on demand and the number of domestic LPG connections had doubled with the addition of 40 million new connections. The Congress-led government in the Centre had not only failed to ensure proper LPG supply to the consumers but the new connections had also been suspended.”



Resident taken for a ride by postal staff
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, October 14
Mr Kailash Kumar, a resident of New Shivpuri locality in the city, was on cloud nine when a few days back his brother-in-law settled in Leicester informed him that he had sent a mobile phone set to him in a postal package which should be delivered to him in next couple of days.

After a wait of considerable period, when no package was delivered to him, Mr Kailash went to the Ludhiana city post office to inquire about the fate of the parcel. To his horror, he was told by postal staff that the packet was lying undelivered in the post office due to incomplete address and he could take spot delivery of the same. However, to the horror of the addressee, he was handed over the packet in a crudely repacked condition.

“The condition of the packet and the way one of its ends was stapled, raised doubts in my mind and I opened the packet right in front of postal employees and some other persons present there. To my utter shock, the moulded container of the mobile set was empty and what I found in the packet was just the mobile phone charger and a letter,” he lamented.

When the postal officials refused to listen to his complaint and give a satisfactory reply about the missing mobile set from the packet, Kailash brought the packet to Ludhiana Tribune office so that his plight and the practice of pilferage from postal packets could be highlighted.

From the condition of the packet, it was quite evident that it had been opened and then again stapled together. While officials at the post office denied the charges of pilferage, the Senior Superintendent of Post Offices, Ludhiana city division, was not available for comments.



Residents protest against bad road
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 14
Residents of Ram Nagar near CMC Hospital have complained against a dug up road and overflowing sewer water resulting in slush here.
Mr Robert, a resident, said some three months ago the civic body had dug up roads to lay sewerage line and since then, these had not been repaired.

He said the road led to a church and people who went to pay obeisance there were having a tough time. He further said that the overflowing sewer manhole was adding to their woes. It was becoming very difficult for them to walk through that place, he lamented.



13 to be honoured at Mohan Singh mela
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 14
For the first time, Prof Mohan Singh Yaadgari International Punjabi Sabhyacharak Mela organised by the Prof Mohan Singh Memorial Foundation and the Punjabi Sabhyacharak Manch, Ferozepore, will be at Ferozepore.

The mela is dedicated to Indo-Pak friendship and many artistes from Pakistan will attend the mela. It will be held from October 18 to 20. At a meeting held here on Wednesday, it was decided to honour 13 personalities. 



Lovers commit suicide
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 14
Social objections to their alleged illicit affair led a love-lorn couple — a Punjabi woman and a migrant labourer — to commit suicide by consuming poisonous substances at their respective houses in Rajjowal village today afternoon.

Paramjit Kaur, married in Naya Nangal village in Ropar district, and her alleged paramour Sunil Kumar were found dead by their respective family members. The police said both seemed to have ended their life in a suicide pact.

Police sources said Paramjit Kaur kept frequenting the place where her mother lived alone as her father had died some time ago. She reportedly developed intimacy with Sunil Kumar during her visits only. Both families were not financially well off.



Couple, sons booked
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, October 14
Jagjit Singh, his wife, Baljinder Kaur, and their two sons — Kamal Singh and Kcepa — of Humbran allegedly assaulted Ms Paramjit Kaur after entering her house in their village.

The Humbran police has registered a case under Sections 452, 354, 323, 34 of the IPC. Some dispute with regard to residential house is alleged to be the reason. No arrest has been made so far.


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