Wednesday, October 19, 2005

An earthy opening
Seismology may not be a career that rocks, but seismologists will have a more significant role to play in the times to come in view of the proposed disaster management programmes, writes Vibha Sharma
The government’s decision to set up a National Disaster Management Authority and ensure the formation of such authorities at the state level is part of a policy that will now ensure that the focus of disaster management shifts from relief and rescue to mitigation and prevention instead.

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Research your options before job switch
Mary Ellen Slayter
It took just six months at her first job after graduation before Deanna Stephan, 24, realised it wasn’t for her. But it took another year and a half before she made it out, ditching the non-profit scene to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher.

Mapping global talent
Sukanya Mohapatra
The best engineers, scientists and managers all over the world may soon be available at the click of a mouse if a US-based University succeeds in its project to build a specialised data that maps talents from various countries.


Illustration by Sandeep Joshi

I knew technology companies were overproducing!


Handle new job with care
I.M. Soni
As a fresher at a new workplace, do you have that feeling of butterflies in the stomach? Well, it gives you advantage. A newcomer has a space of initial goodwill. No one looks upon you as a rival or a threat to his position. You will find almost every one, offering guidance, help and information. Some do-gooder may even go to the extent of doing work for you!


Career Hotline
Rise to the bait of fish farming
Q Besides doing an M.Sc in the subject, what are the prospects after doing B.Sc in Fishery Science?
Sandeep Goyal
A With a vast coastline of 8000 km extending over ten states, India is home to more than 300 varieties of fish. Hi-tech trawling and modern processing techniques have given a major fillip to our seafood exports. At Rs 6,800 crore this constitutes a fifth of all agricultural exports from India; Japan, USA and EU being the main customers. Overall, this sector contributes Rs 32,000 crore to our GDP.


Smart Skills
Touch the peak of success in defence services
Usha Albuquerque
The popularity of films such as Veer Zara and Lakshya has revived the glamour of the defence services. And watching our real-life heroes come to the rescue of disaster victims — whether at the time of earthquakes, floods or the tsunami — has made these services a big draw for many students.