Art without frontiers
Sharon Lowen

An artist knows no barriers of race, geography or language. The creative impulse overrides all constraints and creates its own space. The Performing Arts of India, Development & Spread Across the Globe, edited by Sharon Lowen, a classical dancer of repute, mirrors the journey of foreigners who are totally at home in the world of classical Indian dance. Excerpts. . .

HE 1990s brought together artists, gurus, and arts scholars in conjunction with a unique series of classical Indian dance and music festivals that changed the perception that non-Indian practitioners of these arts could be regarded as artists and not simply students...

Heart over matter
Jai Govinda
RT crosses boundaries. Great poetry, music, painting sculpture or dance is timeless. You’ll find the best of Michelangelo, Salvador Dali or Picasso in museums all over the world, the poetry of Tagore in universities around the globe and even the pop music of musicians like Michael Jackson, everywhere you turn.

Dating an alien ethos
Lada Guruden Singh
ovelist Amitav Ghosh examines the question of otherness and alienation in his brilliant work-Shadow Lines, where the lines-representing nations, places, countries, sex and culture—intangible and unseen, divide the characters among themselves and within themselves as each fight the outsider around them and in them.

Lavish motifs on huqqa
Suraj Saraf
ARDAR Inder Singh of Jammu, who belongs to a family of traditional pot makers, has such a rich collection of huqqas that he intends to make it to the Guiness Book of World Records. The art of smoking comprises richly carved designs on smoking pipes of varied shapes and sizes, used in various parts of the world.

Miniature paintings gain ground
The Rajasthani miniature tradition goes back to the 11th century. Depicting the colourful heritage of the desert state, these paintings attract foreign tourists as well as local buyers
andmade Rajasthani miniature paintings, depicting the rich and colourful heritage of the desert state, are fast gaining popularity in the international as well as domestic market. The delicately etched canvases reflecting scenes from myth, legend, history and nature have admirers in plenty.

Ushering in the Atomic Age
Ramesh Seth recounts a visit to Los Alamos, where the Little Boy and the Fat Man were made
OME time back my wife and I spent a leisurely week in Espanola, in New Mexico State, of the USA. We were travelling old style, allocating weeks rather than days to any place that we liked to visit. The pleasure of being a leisure traveller is that one is not bound to, ‘If-it-is-Tuesday-it-must-be- Belgium’ syndrome.

Memorable on-screen rivalry
Filmmakers have always had a tough time when they cast two rival stars in a film. The face-off, however, has also resulted in landmarks in cinema, says M. L. Dhawan
HE tradition of histrionic one-upmanship is as old as cinema. When two titans are pitched against each other in a film, competition between them is inevitable. No matter how committed the two actors are to the betterment of the film, their inborn insecurities come to the surface when they face each other on the screen.


televisioN: Slick but not too original
Randeep Wadehra

NATURE: Feeble resolve to protect wildlife
by Lt Gen Baljit Singh

FOOD TALK: King of the genre
by Pushpesh Pant

HOLLYWOOD HUESLove triangle gone awry
y Ervell E. Menezes

ULTA PULTAKnow your onions
by Jaspal Bhatti



IT connects
Chetan Bhagat has written another book that has its finger on the pulse of the youth.
Roopinder Singh reviews his latest offering and talks to the banker-turned-author whose first work sold over 1,35,000 copies
One Night @ the Call Center
by Chetan Bhagat. Rupa. Pages 290. Rs 95.

The book will make a difference only when grown-ups read it: Chetan Bhagat

A look at backwardness
Gopal Krishan
Addressing Regional Backwardness: An Analysis of Area Development Programmes in India
by Krishna Mohan; Manak Publications, New Delhi, 2005. Pages 310. Price Rs.400/-.

Books received PUNJABI

Feminist take on security
Rajesh Kumar Aggarwal
Women, Security, South Asia: A Clearing in the Thicket
eds. Farah Faizal and Swarna Rajagopalan. Sage Publications. Pages 215. Rs 295.

A poetic landscape
Arun Gaur
by Pablo Neruda. Rupa. Pages 370. Rs 295.

Leaves from the past
Harbans Singh
50 Years of Government College Lahore (1864-1913)
by Dr Syed Sultan Mahmood Hussain. Izharsons, Lahore. Pages 566. Rs 450.

Sued for scanning books
David A. Vise

She sang from her soul
Begum Akhtar; The Story of My Ammi;
by Shanti Hiranand; Viva Books. Pages 170. Rs 1,295

Mixed offering
Komal Vijay Singh
Post Box No. 99 and Other Stories
Edited by Ruskin Bond
Rupa. Pages 98, Rs 50

Intellectual par excellence

Back of the book

  • A Biography of Rahul Dravid
    The Nice Guy Who Finished First
    by Devendra Prabhudesai Rupa. Pages 221. Rs 295

  • Imagined Manuvad
    The Dharmasastras and their Interpreters
    by Shashi Sharma Rupa. Pages 402. Rs 595.

  • Strangely like war
    The global assault on forests
    by Derrick Tensen, Natraj Publishers, Rs 250.

  • The Elephant’s Child & Other Stories
    The delightful world of Rudyard Kipling.
    Edited by Sudhakar Marathe. Puffin Books. Pages 193. Rs 225.