Saturday, October 29, 2005

rhyme time

Faithful soldier

October 2 is the day of India’s destiny

When a boy was born in a Gujrati family

The parents named him M.K. Gandhi

Who shook the empire with his march to Dandi

Gandhi was an advocate who shunned position,

For waging a peaceful war for the freedom of the nation.

When travelling by first class in a south African train

Was physically thrown out on the platform, causing him pain

This made him more determined and bolder,

To fight for the blacks like a faithful soldier.

His wonderful weapon was his self discipline with which, he won all the battles without gun.

Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Isai

He called every one bhai bhai

Churchil called him a half naked faqir

But for the Indians, he was their taqdeer

Rubina Singh Parmar Class XI, Senior Secondary School "SERA" Hamirpur (HP)

Lofty preachers

Teachers are so bright,

Full of confidence and life.

They show us a path full of light,

and make us so ideal and nice.

They mould our nature by using a stick, But help and support when we are sick.

They cooperate and co-ordinate in every field,

They advise us when we are in need.

I love my teachers very much,

They are like preachers for us.

After God, we have our teachers,

We love you all our lofty preachers.

Puneet Kaur Sokhi, Class VIII, Richer School, Kamli, (HP)