Books received: ENGLISH

The Tagore Omnibus (Vol. 1). New Delhi. Pages 726. Rs 595.

Positive Mind Therapy by Rakesh K Mittal. New Delhi. Pages 125. Rs 150.

Gender and The Digital Economy by Cecilia NG and Swasti Mitter. Pages 262. Rs 540.

City of Sin and Splendour by Bapsi Sidhwa. Pages173. Rs 395.

Lost Spring by Anees Jung. Pages 126. Rs 195.

The Ultimate Quiz Challenge by Derek O’ Brien. Pages 345. Rs 250.

New Life by Sharmistha Mohanty. New Delhi. Pages292. Rs 295.

Positive Mind Power by Rakesh K Mittal. Pages 165. Rs 150.

Existence of Pakistan by Dr Lakshmi Narain. Meerut. Pages 74. Rs 80.

Hindutva Minorities Congress by Dr Lakshmi Narian. Pages 116. Rs 100.

Bougainvillea House by Kalpana Swaminathan. Pages 146. Rs 395.

Alternative Approaches to Security by R Radhakrishnan, Prafulla Ketkar and Aisha Sultant. New Delhi. Pages 446. Rs 875.

An Angel in the Cockpit by Dr Vijaypat Singhani.Pages 288. Rs 395.

Transnational migration and the Politics of Identity by Meenakshi Thapan. Pages 320. Rs 385.

Management Development in Non-Profit Organisations by Vijay Padaki and Manjulika Vaz. Pages 284. Rs 480.

Writing & Producing For Television & Film by Esta De Possard and John Riber. Pages 278. Rs 460.

Island of Infinity by Marina’s Dream. Pages 300. Rs 250.

The Collapse of Globalism and The Reinvention of the World by John Ralston Saul. Pages 309. Rs 395.

Yoga The path to Liberation by Osho. Pages 292. Rs 295.

New & Old Wars by Mary Kaldor. Dehradun. Pages 206. Rs 350.

Breastfeeding by Dr Meenakshi Krishnan. New Delhi.

The Essential Dalai Lama by Rajiv Mehrotra. Pages 258. Rs 350.

Rage by Balaji Venkateswaran. Pages 407. Rs 395.