ABC of stress
Jaspal Bhatti

MY father was the Superintending Engineer in Chandigarh, incharge of the electricity operations in 1987. His boss was a competent officer, who used to pass on work-related tensions to his subordinates. My father, incidentally, got diabetes those days and my mother would often complain, Eh tuhadi boss di tension kar ke tuhanu sugar hoi hai. Had my father also been an expert in the art of delegating stress to his subordinates, many of them would have been consulting cardiologists in PGT with ECG reports in their hands.

A study conducted by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health says that your boss might be killing you through stress. We expect Baba Ram Dev to discover a few new yogic exercises to be done just after you have been ticked off by the boss.

Official stress, according to me can be classified in three categories depending upon the temperament of your boss. You get A kind of stress when your boss knows the job and you are devoid of that knowledge. This kind of stress can be managed by more input and learning sincerely

B kind of stress emanates from an incompetent boss who keeps his staff under stress to cover up his own incompetence. Slight chamchagiri can do wonders to relieve your stress. Do work with your own intelligence, but tell your boss it was his idea.

C kind of stress is the most difficult to tackle. Here the boss is ignorant about the ignorance of his knowledge. He knows nothing but he believes he knows everything. Do some yogic exercise to make your brain dull. When your level of foolishness will match with your boss, your heart will be free of any stress.