Red Star over Bihar

The Maoist raid on Jehanabad jail shows the increasing firepower of the Naxalites. Ambarish Dutta reports from Patna

THE strike by the Maoists in Jehanabad was not an isolated incident but a well-planned attack with clear objectives. And the Maoists were confident that they could carry it out in the social and political powder keg that is Bihar.

An ethical challenge
The first meeting of the parties to the Kyoto Protocol since the treaty’s entry into force earlier this year will be held from November 28 to December 9 in Montreal, Canada. Steve Connor writes about what the world might be like when the climate change begins
cientists have compiled one of the first comprehensive pictures of what the world might be like when climate change begins to dry up water supplies and teams of specialists have assessed the scale of dangers to human health when a future climate triggers weather extremes such as high temperatures, floods and drought.

The Ajanta of Tamil Nadu
Sittannavasal, 58 km from Trichy, means ‘the abode of great saints’ in Tamil. At Ajanta, paintings depict mostly Buddhist themes, whereas Jaina themes have been portrayed in its southern counterpart, reports Dhananjaya Bhat
LL of us are aware of the greatness of the Ajanta murals, a UNESCO world heritage marvel, and as to how they were rediscovered in 1819 by a group of British soldiers following a tiger into its lair. But very few have heard of the equally brilliant murals in the cave temples of Sittanavasal, known as the Ajanta of Tamil Nadu.

Best of East and West
Kuala Lumpur has something for everyone, finds out Yana Bey
S one of Southeast Asia’s glitzy capitals, Kuala Lumpur has much of the cosmopolitan glamour of Hong Kong, towering high-rises (you will never forget the first time you view the giant gleaming cylinders of the 452-metre Petronas Towers from their base), rocking nightlife, a vibrant fashion scene and international cultural shows and concerts but with endearing characteristics that are a contrast to the lurking brittleness of the Chinese city.

Rocky heritage
The rock formations in Hyderabad are in danger of destruction due to the apathy of the civic body. Ramesh Babu Kandula reports
HE city of Charminar has a distinctive character that dates back beyond its very existence. The amazing rock formations that are quaintly perched at artistic angles in the Deccan Plateau have been a part of the magnificent landscape of the city and its surroundings for eons.

‘Did daddy ever hit you?’
Deepa Mehta’s latest one-hour documentary, Let’s Talk About It, views domestic violence among immigrant families in Canada. What sets it apart is its treatment. Mehta hands over the camera to the children of abused women. The result is a hard look at familial abuse, reports V. Radhika
ID daddy ever hit you in the stomach when you were pregnant with me? Did you feel scared? Did you ever think he would kill you?" Melissa, 10, asks her mother Xiomara Fuentos, who migrated to Canada from El Salvador. Fuentos had miscarried a baby after being beaten by her ex-husband.

A clean entertainer
Randeep Wadhera
nferiority complex can make one do funny things. It can also trigger off psychopathic tendencies. But, on a benign scale, the complex does give rise to a desire for setting up defence mechanisms that will be comic if their end results were not so tragic.

‘Thank God, directors didn’t forget me’
Manisha Koirala is one of the few mainstream stars to have ventured into non-Hindi movies. She is now busy working for Bengali director Rituparno Ghosh’s Khela
anisha Koirala, who is now busy working for Bengali filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh’s Khela, is thankful that good directors did not forget her despite a nearly two-year-long sabbatical.

Gulzar’s lyrics for Lollywood
O revive the Pakistan film industry, Pakistani TV artist-turned film producer Humayun Saeed is producing a film with a Rs 50-crore budget, the script of which is being written by Indian film writer Javed Siddiqui and lyrics given by Gulzar.


televisioN: Put on your dancing shoes

FOOD TALK: An exotic delicacy
by Pushpesh Pant

CONSUMER RIGHTSKeep contract papers safe
by Pushpa Girimaji

HOLLYWOOD HUESGenocide relived
y Ervell E. Menezes

by David Bird

ULTA PULTA: Role reversal
by Jaspal Bhatti


Roadmap to sound economy
Nirmal Sandhu
ICTs and Indian Economic Development
eds Ashwani Saith and M.Vijayabaskar. Sage Publications. Pages 474. Rs 850.

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When it goes beyond medicine
Rajdeep Bains
The Hills of Angheri
by Kavery Nambisan. Penguin. Pages 392. Rs 350.

Temperaments unravelled
Amarinder Sandhu
by Balaji Venkateswaran. Penguin. Pages 407. Rs 395.

Simple writing, superior intellect
People tended to rate the intelligence of authors who wrote essays in simpler language, using an easy-to-read font, as higher than those who authored more complex works.

Soulful flow of yearnings
Rubinder Gill
Tale of a Cursed Tree
by Beeba Balwant. Translation from Punjabi to English by Rana Nayar. Ravi Sahit Parkashan, Amritsar. Pages 328. Rs 160.

Feared, not respected
A.J. Philip
Warrior of the Fourth Estate
Ramnath Goenka of the Express
by B.G. Verghese Penguin Viking, PP 342, Rs 450

From conquest to dialogue
Amar Chandel
Our Future: Consumerism or Humanism
by J.C. Kapur Published by Kapur Surya Foundation Pages 297; Price Rs 395

Love and longing for Lahore
The city that nurtured the talent of Amrita Pritam, took the lead in holding a large literary meet in the memory of the writer mid-November while no such function has yet been organised on this side of the border, writes Nirupama Dutt

Literary legacy
My Ear At His Heart
by Hanif Kureishi, Faber & Faber, £7.99

Back of the book

  • Lifeguard
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