Saturday, November 26, 2005


Mediocre music and dancing
Randeep Wadehra

Parat Dar Parat investigates the proliferating nursing homes run by people who have no relevant qualifications. While watching the show you realise the extent to which quacks are fleecing gullible people. And what have the authorities been doing about it? Khabarsaar dealt with another aspect of human rights. It raised the question that wouldn’t it be better to not ‘protect’ criminals from law agencies under the garb of human rights, and look after their innocent dependents instead.

It is true that shows like Pyar Naal, Dial-E-Punjab and Alpha Gaddi are popular. But, while surfing Punjabi channels one begins to despair. Most of the time it is mediocre music that’s being churned out under different labels, viz., Shava Shava, Exclusive, New Arrivals, Fundoo etc. Dancing too is so hybridised that one wonders whether it has any relevance to the Punjabi lyrics accompanying it. Loudly sung, badly crafted and poorly produced, these do no good to the Punjabi Sabhyachaar, which CEOs of various channels claim to promote.

Of course, there are some shows like Pardesan Wich Punjabi, Kujh Pal Tere Naam, Ridka on Road and Sajda that go a long way in highlighting positive aspects of Punjabi creativity. But these are merely exceptions to the rule. Despite tall claims, no one is really interested in promoting Punjabi culture. Young and inexperienced singers invest borrowed money in producing half-baked music-videos and pay to channels for telecasting it. The extent and depth of this scandal needs to be probed for it obviously is a well organised way of exploiting hapless wannabe singing stars.

It is time to unshackle creative talent before it is too late. Genuine lovers of Punjabiat must step into the field of creativity and help evolve an environment that will be conducive to high-quality productions not only in the field of music and drama but also such hitherto ignored fields as quiz-shows for kids, debates and talk shows on issues facing Punjabi youth.