Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Illustration by Sandeep JoshiCandidates, cocky, casual & cool
An interview isnít a challenge only for job aspirants. It can test the patience of the interviewer too, writes A.J. Philip
HOW old are you?" I asked a candidate who appeared too old to be considered for the job in question. Without batting an eyelid, he said, "I am 66 but if I dye my beard, I will be 50. In any case, my heart is 45." I gave him full marks for his confidence, though I kept wondering whether I should treat his age as 45, 50 or 66. He could not be faulted for not giving me an option. The purpose of an interview is not to test the knowledge of the candidate. A look at his certificates and the written test results, if any, would serve the purpose. An interview is basically to assess the candidateís personality, his attitude to life and his aptitude for doing the job on offer.

Sandeep Joshi

We have hired this man with multi-tasking ability to meet the staff shortage in December.

Cubicles, co-workers and corporate culture
Amy Joyce
Melissa Thomas was about to talk to me about life in cube-land. But the cell connection was cut off between the elevator and the sidewalk outside her office. You see, she was trying to escape her office, where her co-workers can hear everything she says.

Highlighting work chronology in resume
Felicia Barlow has several years of experience as a freelance producer of film and video projects. She would like to make the jump from freelance to full-time producer and hopes she can use her varied professional background to her advantage.

Branch into biotech
Biotechnology is one of the fast growing sectors in India as well the world. This emerging field of biological sciences is going to take a leap forward in the next five years. The importance of biotechnology in India was recognised after the establishment of the National Biotechnological Board in 1982.

Stressed at work?
Try hall hockey

Stacey Hirsh
When Donny Allison arrives for work each morning, he takes the first hour to check e-mails and voice mails and to plan his day ó and his boss knows not to talk to him until after 10 am. When he goes home at night, Allison always takes about 30 minutes to unwind before jumping into family life.

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Career Hotline
Be game for sportswear design
Pervin Malhotra
Q I am a student of fashion design. I am thinking of picking up sportswear design as an elective. Is it a good idea?