Memories of Madras and spooky tales
Randeep Wadehra

Madras MosaicMadras Mosaic
by N. Meera Rao Parity Paperbacks, N. Delhi. Pages 115. Rs 180

THE Spanish-born US philosopher and poet, George Santayana, had observed once, "The tide of evolution carries everything before it, thoughts no less than bodies, and persons no less than nations." Chennai, formerly Madras, too has evolved from a laid-back city of the staid into a kinetic megalopolis peopled by vibrant and worldly-wise youngsters with a postmodern mindset. Lifestyles have changed and so has the cityscape. Rao, a freelance journalist and columnist living in Chennai, has witnessed the metamorphosis. She has tried to recapture the lost old-world charm of Madras in this book, which is a collection of articles published in her column. Ghost Stories The understated humour, lucid and unembroidered prose lend a crystalline ambience to the narrative. You’ll love this beautifully produced collection.

Ghost Stories
by Minakshi Chaudhry Rupa & Co. Pages xvi + 139. Rs. 95

GHOST stories have an enduring attraction for the young and the old. Almost every locality in our country has a few legends that will give heebie-jeebies to the listeners. Forests, hills and abandoned houses are the preferred haunts of ghosts. Nights–full moon or new moon – appear to be a phantom’s chosen time for making an appearance. Get Rid of Diabetes with the help of Solar Energy Chaudhry has collected these scary stories from Shimla and around. Quite a few are interesting, and The Premonition is certainly hair-raising. In his foreword Ruskin Bond has put an interesting poser, viz., why are ghosts mostly Whites?

Get Rid of Diabetes with the help of Solar Energy
by Kunal Shinde Indus, N. Delhi. Pages 174. Rs 165

Diabetes, also known as the silent killer, is of two types – Insipidus and Mellitus. The former affects kidneys while the latter causes distress to the nervous system. There is no known cure for the condition. It has to be managed through a strict diet regime and regular medication. However, Shinde claims that solar energy can cure diabetes. He asserts this on the basis of his personal experience. He has detailed the anatomy of diabetes and also how solar energy cures it. Diabetics will find this book full of information that could help them get rid of the malady that impairs their body.