City of Joy

Guru ki Nagri, Amritsar, with its is colonial architecture, sumptuous food, rich clothes and dazzling jewellery bowls over a visitor. The city is, at the same time, a shopper’s delight and a refuge for the devout. Anuradha Thakur takes us on a round of Sifti da ghar

THE city of Amritsar has may faces. A legendary cultural fabric with pronounced historical trimmings, it is the seat of intense political and religious activity. A traveller’s delight, an archaeologist’s museum, and more than anything else a gourmet’s delight, Amritsar is all that and still much more. It’s an experience that surprises you with its unceasing vitality. A view of Harmandar Sahib, Amritsar’s most important landmark

Call of adventure
Tribhuvan Nath
TEPPING into the mountain ranges of north-west Himachal Pradesh, one feels dumfounded by greenery and unbroken tranquility. Echoes of Shelley’s lines reverberate here:
... ... away from men and town
To the wild woods and downs
In the silent wilderness
where the soul would not recess its music...

Measure of a good beach
Kathy Marks
OW to rate the perfect beach? Is it the softness of the sand, the lack of beach apart from thousands of others? After carefully considering this most taxing of questions, a German tour operator turned author, Wim de Ruiter, has come up with a mathematical formula (above) that he believes will resolve it once and for all.

Dev Anand is on a new high
Saibal Chatterjee on his latest film Mr Prime Minister
WHAT can one say about Dev Anand, octogenarian actor-director and Dadasaheb Phalke award-winner, who refuses to call it a day? The spirit and the charisma of the man that the entire nation once adored – and still does – are alive and kicking. As Dev Anand himself says, "Making films gives me a high. I feel blessed."

Spielberg plans Mary Poppins remake
Louise Jury
E has tackled man-eating sharks, extraterrestrials and the horrors of Nazi Games in Munich. But Steven Spielberg’s next production could be considerably more sugary. The 59-year-old director/producer is apparently eyeing the ever-popular musical Mary Poppins for a Hollywood remake.

A brain-teaser
The Jacket is the story of an amnesiac American soldier who was accused of killing a cop and put in a mental asylum. It is somewhat convoluted and lacks credibility, writes Ervell E. Menezes
Psychology seems to be working overtime in films, these days, decades after the master of suspense made a splash in 1960 with Psycho. In The Jacket you have amnesiac American soldier (Adrien Brody), who was shot in the head during the 1991 Gulf war, being accused of killing a cop and put in a mental asylum instead of being treated for his amnesiac condition.

‘I am not willing to show skin on screen’
Amrita Rao has had two releases this month with Shahid Kapoor, with whom she made her debut, Vaah! Life Ho To Aisi and Shikhar. Excerpts from an interview by Vickey Lalwani
What is Vaah! Life Ho to Aisi about?
Vaah! Life Ho To Aisi is essentially a fantasy film. We have taken many cinematic liberties. It was a perfect opportunity to have fun, without asking for logic.


'ART AND SOUL: In search of Brahma
by B.N. Goswamy

televisioN: Body business

GARDEN LIFE: Liven up drab corners
by Kiran Narain

FOOD TALK: The taste of good health
by Pushpesh Pant

CONSUMER RIGHTSBoom time for buyers
by Pushpa Girimaji

by David Bird

ULTA PULTA: Dose of controversy
by Jaspal Bhatti


A charismatic warrior
Harwant Singh
Leadership: Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw
by Maj-Gen Shubhi Sood (retd). SDS Publishers. Pages 290. £19.


Books received: HINDI

In love with Lahore
Rajnish Wattas
City of Sin and Splendour: writings on Lahore
edited by Bapsi Sidhwa Penguin Pages: 392. Rs 395
Lahore is an affair, it has nothing to do with reason...

The Bollywood dynasty
Rachna Singh
The Kapoors—the First Family of Indian Cinema
by Madhu Jain. Penguin. Pages 371. Rs 595.

Playing the diplomacy game at the UN
Sridhar K. Chari
The Horseshoe Table
An Inside View of the UN Security Council
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Empowerment for all
Rajesh Kumar Aggarwal
Organizing for Social Change: A Dialectic Journey of Theory and Praxis
by Michael J. Papa, Arvind Singhal and Wendy H. Papa. Sage. Pages 297. Rs 360.

Time to clean up soiled act
Arunima Sehgal
India Stinking: Manual Scavengers in Andhra Pradesh and their Work
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Sensitive soul
Harbans Singh
Canvas—a Book of Poems
by Viky Arya. Rajkamal Prakashan. Pages 155. Rs 250.

The power and the story
Christina Patterson

Capital options
Randeep Wadehra

  • Money and Real Economy
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