Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Reel chance
The film industry is full of opportunities, be it in direction, cinematography, choreography, sound recording or other technical and non-technical fields, writes Usha Albuquerque
OTHING is larger than life ó while portraying life itself ó than movies. And nowhere is cinema larger than in India. Movies are as much a record and reportage on customs, lifestyles and events, as they are of social progress. Almost every country has an indigenous film industry. While the Hollywood productions from the US have perhaps the widest international audience, India is the most prolific film-producing country with over 800 feature releases every year.

Sandeep Joshi

I donít know which hard disc has crashed.

When the weather in office is frightful
Justin Blum and Amy Joyce
HEY walk among us: wearers of long johns, tucked neatly under suit pants, blouses and jackets. Smugglers of space heaters, sneaking the small appliances to hide under their desks. They are the cold ones who, despite 21st-century jobs, are stuck in 20th-century buildings, with 20th-century heating and cooling systems that make workers sweat and freezeósometimes in the same day.

Resolution No 1: acquire new skills
Amy Joyce
T the beginning of a new year, I always like looking at a calendar that I keep on my desk, knowing itís wide open. Itís as if that calendar is sitting there saying, "Iím all yours." Itís a fresh feeling. An acknowledgment that no matter what happened last year, I can try again. And no matter what I didnít accomplish in 2005, hereís another chance. Lucky me.

Waiting for your interview results
Arvind Sharma

Waiting after the interview and wondering whether you will get a phone call or a rejection letter can be one of the most difficult aspects of searching for a job. What you will do after the interview should actually start while you are still Ďworkingí the interview.

Grooming global managers
TESCO Hindustan service Centreís Head of HR, Sudheesh Venkatesh, outlines the hiring strategies of his company. Excerpts from an interview.

Plan your promotion
I.M. Soni
O desire promotion and advancement in oneís career is one thing, to achieve them is another. Promotion demands more than just desire. You need the ability to do the next job at the higher level. You need to be qualified at a time when a suitable vacancy arises. Age is another factor.

IIM-Indore fest attracts top corporate guns
Satish Misra
UN and frolic for serious search into consumers preferences and behavioural pattern has been developed as a useful tool at the Indian Institute of Management, Indore, where its three-year-old marketing festival, Utsaha, appears to have matured into a sought-after event.

Career Hotline
Make your talent bloom
Pervin Malhotra
Q I am very fond of gardening. What is the scope for setting up a business in floriculture? What is the qualification / training needed? What factors must one keep in mind before venturing into this field?

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