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Wear your gadgets
Jaspal Bhatti

Levi Strauss, the denim giant, is soon coming out with iPod-compatible jeans. Now youngsters will be able to display their iPods by wearing Leviís Red Wire DLX Jeans with no bumps in their pocket.

With the increasing number of gadgets in vogue these days, the fashion industry should keep in mind tech-friendly wear that can pocket a mobile phone, palmtop, camera, sunglasses, pen, purse etc.

Donít be surprised if you find a youngster moving around with many cords plugged in his ear. Soon, fashion houses are likely to come up with separate rounds of tech-friendly apparel for fashion shows.

Moreover, special costumes can be designed for cheating in examinations. Students can conceal slips and cuttings from books in different pockets. You can have special attire designed to keep bribes if you are in government service.

I asked a fashion designer how he would design a tech-friendly dress for a woman for a fashion show keeping in mind how little clothes models wear. He replied that the females could wear only the gadgets with frills and laces instead of the clothes.