Books received

The Puffin Books of Funny Stories by Puffin Books, New Delhi. Pages 199. Rs 225.

Apostle of Love by Rukmini Chawla, Puffin Books/ Penguin Books India. Pages 96. Rs 125.

Smart Leadership by Gita Piramal and Jennifer Netarwala, Penguin Books India. Pages 205. Rs 325.

A Short History of Myth by Karen Armstrong, Penguin Books India. Pages 135. Rs 225.

The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood, Penguin Books India. Pages 162. Rs 225

Overachievement by John Eliot, Penguin Books India. Pages 259. Rs 545.

Weight by Jeanette Winterson, Penguin Books India. Pages 96. Rs 225.

The Second Nose & other Stories by Yashpal, Rupa & Co. New Delhi. Pages 187. Rs 195.

The Ultimate Food For Body Mind, And Soul by Tanushree Podder, UBS New Delhi. Pages 292. Rs 195.

Bollywood Films by Rachel Dwyer, Lotus Collection, an imprint of Roli Books, Pages 251. Rs 295.

The Manticore’s Secret by Samit Basu, Penguin Books India. Pages 528. Rs 295.

Kashmir Under the Sultans by Mohibbul Hasan, Aakar Books, Delhi. Pages 352. Rs 750.

Applying the Branding Iron by Kartikeya Kompella, Viva Books, New Delhi. Pages 139. Rs 150.

Iraq War Memorable by Nishi Chawla, Bibliphile South Asia in association with Promilla & Co. New Delhi. Pages 98. Rs 150.

Supernatural Omnibus by Ruskin Bond, Rupa & Co. New Delhi. Pages 303. Rs 95.

Clueless & Co. by Pratik Basu, Rupa & Co.. Pages 268. Rs 195.

Changing Security Dynamic in Eastern Asia by N S Sisodia and G V C Naidu, Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, Pages 648. Rs 1350.

Vizag Blue by Anil CS Roa, Frog Books, Mumbai. Pages 40. Rs 95.

Conflict and Other Stories by Shubham Gupta. Frog Books. Pages 198. Rs 250.

Everybody wants a Hit by Derek Bose, Jaico Publishing House, Mumbai. Pages 198. Rs 195.