S. Nihal Singh

A lottery

Did she, didnít she?
She is a bitch.
Poor man,
did he fall for her?

Did she do it?
Did she get the better
of the mother-in-law?
She is a tough one.

Four evenings a week
Indiaís womenfolk
with access to the box
are lost to the world.

The soap opera
takes over.
It is a familiar world
of love and betrayal.

There is the mother-in-law,
the vamp,
the gullible husband,
the betrayed wife.

Is it a mirror image
of middle class Indian
urban life
wrapped around marriages?

Must womenís world
revolve round marriage
and the travails of
living with the mother-in-law?

Is life then reduced
to the lottery of
securing a husband,
good or bad?