Sound of music
Thiruvaiyaru, on the banks of the meandering Cauvery, is a magnet for musicians, says A.J. Philip who took part in the 159th aradhana at the samadhi of Thyagaraja
FROM Chennai to Tirupati to Thanjavur by road, Tamil Nadu was unusually green. The drive was a little bumpy as the heavy rains this year had washed asphalt off the roads. Rivers and rivulets, streams and springs and dams and culverts were all full and there was no shortage of water anywhere in the area, called the rice bowl of the South.
Musicians from all over the South assemble at Thiruvaiyaru in Thanjavur district to pay tribute to Thyagaraja.
Musicians from all over the South assemble at Thiruvaiyaru in Thanjavur district to pay tribute to Thyagaraja. — Photos by the writer 

Museums of the mind
Jay Merrick
Has the relationship between art and the buildings in which it is shown broken down? A new book argues for a radical reimagining of galleries as the only solution
HE new Saatchi Gallery opens later this year at the Duke of York’s HQ building in Chelsea. And the gallery, as much as the art, will be under close scrutiny. Turbine halls, billowing folds of titanium, vast spaces that make Monet’s 42ft-long Water Lilies triptych look like a skinny greetings card...

Mosaic of craft, culture & colour
The 15-day Surajkund mela draws lakhs of tourists every year, writes Santosh Mehta

The Surajkund Crafts mela, organised annually by the Haryana Tourism, has become an important part of the international tourist calender. Held at a time when the winters are mild and the sun pleasant, the mela attracts thousands of tourists every day during the 15-day event held annually.

Equal bani
Shyam Chand
HE medieval period of Indian history is a microcosm in the story of dark ages of mankind. After passing through the long and dark tunnel, humanity weary of earth and longing for heaven, found some light and solace.

‘It was tough to play a sex worker’
Chingari isn’t at all a ‘today’ film. It took me a long time to come to terms with myself after I peeled off the make-up of Basanti, Sushmita Sen tells V. Ananth
WHEN Kalpana Lajmi approached Sushmita Sen with the offer to cast her in Chingari, she grabbed it by the collar. "It is amazing that both Kalpana and I believe in Durga. Chingari is my tribute to my goddess through my profession.

The first glam moll
Nadira’s transformation from the haughty, arrogant heroine of Aan to a sophisticated vamp of Shri 420 was amazing. All she wanted was to die with her make-up on, writes Devinder Bir Kaur in a tribute to the actor who passed away on February 9

ud mud ke na dekh, mud mud ke...." So sang the young Nadira in Raj Kapoor’s Shri 420. The song became so popular that she was identified with it all her life. And she lived up to the ripe age of 75.

MIFF turns the corner
Some thought-provoking films were shown at the Mumbai documentary festival. That the award winners deserved it augurs well for the event, reports Ervell E. Menezes
HE best thing about the Mumbai International Films Festival (MIFF) for Documentary, Short and Animation Films is that what one sees during that week is enough to satiate and please one for over a year: the issues, the strife and the agitation that occur the world over.


televisioNRevamp the vamp
by Randeep Wadehra

GARDEN LIFE: In portable pots
by Kiran Narain

FOOD TALK: Radish relish
by Pushpesh Pant

by Pushpa Girimaji

by David Bird

ULTA PULTA: Much to cheer about
by Jaspal Bhatti


Legendary filmmaker
Rachna Singh
Enchantment of the Mind: Manmohan Desai’s Films
by Connie Haham. Roli. Pages 204. Rs 395.

Myriad shades of life
Shubhshil Desraj
If: A Collection of Short Stories by Neeru Nanda. Rupa. Pages 201. Rs 195.


Back of the book

Murder on rugged island
Rubinder Gill
The Lighthouse by P.D. James Faber and Faber. Pages 323. £ 6.99.

Himachali cuisine on a platter
Amar Chandel
Classic Recipes from Himachal Pradesh
by Bhawanee Singh.
Value Books. Pages 127. Rs 295.

Whither globalism?
P. K. Vasudeva
The Collapse of Globalism and the Reinvention of the World ed. John Ralston Saul. Penguin. Pages 309. Rs 395.

Unhappily ever after
Harsh A. Desai
The New Andy Capp Collection No. 2
by Roger Kettle, Roger Mahoney and Richard Sunderland. David & Charles. Pages 124. Rs 400.

Opus Dei tackles Da Vinci Code image problem

Tale of Prince Charming
M.S. Unnikrishnan
My Way — The Biography of M.L. Jaisimha
Foreword by Sunil Gavaskar
by A Joseph Antony with Jayanthi Jaisimha. Card Box Company. Pages 158. Rs 100.

Feminine images
Amita Malik
Visualizing Indian Women: 1875 - 1947 ed Malavika Karlekar. Oxford University Press. Pages 119. Rs 1500.

The ghost who writes
Boyd Tonkin