Bollywood goes Swiss

Bollywood not only means big business to the Indian economy, but it seems like it also means a lot to European countries such as Scotland, which is worried that itís losing the battle to attract the lucrative Hindi film industry to countries such as Switzerland.

Bill Doyle, location director of Scottish Screen, said that though Scotland had been a favourite with producers in the past, the trend had changed recently.

"The problem has always been with Indian producers that, unless we can offer some kind of financial assistance, itís not easy for them to come over. Four years ago there were quite a lot of Bollywood films coming here ó that has now tailed off," The Scotsman quoted him, as saying.

"They tend to go to Switzerland now if they want mountains, because Switzerland in the summer is quiet, keen to get visitors and everyone drops their prices, whereas in Scotland prices tend to go up in the summer," he added. ó ANI