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Jokes apart
Jaspal Bhatti

WHEN I typed "Bush+Jokes" in the search engine of Google, I got 67,50,000 entries in less than a second. Cartoons, parodies, funny videos, Bushisms and innumerous other comments are there on President George Bush. I feel the number of jokes on a politician is a fair barometer to gauge his popularity.

In India, we are lucky to have Lalu Prasad Yadav who has been always a source of great humour. Cartoonists and caricaturists are really indebted to him.

Earlier Giani Zail Singh and Swarn Singh had been the butt of jokes. If a word be spread that jokes can help a politician win more popularity and some extra votes, the serious looking leaders would start hiring comedians to have jokes on them.

One day George Bush complained to Dick Cheney, "I really hate all dumb George Bush jokes people tell about me."

Cheney said, "Boss, these are only jokes. There are a lot of foolish people out there. I will prove it to you." Cheney takes Bush outside and calls his driver.

"Please take me to 29 Nickel Street to see if I am at home." The driver without saying a word drives them to 29 Nickel Street.

Cheney looks at Bush and said, "See! This guy is really stupid." George Bush agrees, "Indeed he is. The driver could have used his cell phone to find out if you were at home or not."