South Asian encounters
Rumina Sethi
Remapping Knowledge: The Making of South Asian Studies in India, Europe and America (19th and 20th centuries).
eds. Jackie Assayag and Véronique Bénéï. Three Essays Collective. Gurgaon. Pages 135. Rs 400.
THREE Essays Collective, in recent years, has produced erudite collections of essays that are contemporary as well as relevant to South Asia. Remapping Knowledge is an interesting experiment in ascertaining new configurations of the production of knowledge in terms of the infiltration of "third world" scholars into the West, a process spurred by globalisation.


‘The Iraq war has produced a clash of civilisations’
Veteran journalist, writer and Middle East expert, Dilip Hiro was in Delhi some time back. The London-based author has published over 27 books, a majority of them centred around the Middle East and India’s colonial past. He’s recently brought out a book on contemporary Iran titled, Iran Today.

Journalists on journalism
Himmat Singh Gill
The Indian Media
ed. Asha Rani Mathur. Rupa. Pages 320. Rs 395.
IN honouring the memory of the late outstanding journalist Prem Bhatia, Asha Rani Mathur’s collection of essays by a string of writers has not only succeeded in paying a handsome tribute to a man who came to be identified with accuracy in writing, but also centre staged in all its dimensions the state of the media in India in the present times.

A revolutionary’s life
B.S. Thaur
The Political Memoirs of an Indian Revolutionary Naina Singh Dhoot (1904-1989)
Introduction, translation and annotation by Surinder Singh. Manohar. Page 357. Price 895.
History has not done justice to the Indian revolutionaries who valiantly fought for country’s freedom. The tales of a number of persons who underwent horrendous torture during the freedom struggle are still shrouded in the womb of past.

Mission technology
Rajesh Kumar Aggarwal
The State, IT and Development
eds. R.K. Bagga, Kenneth Keniston and Rohit Raj Mathur. Sage Publications. Pages 325. Rs 380.
Information technology and IT-enabled services ave achieved record growth in recent years. While the number of telephone and Internet users have increased manifold, software development and earnings too have increased to a new high.

Pain and angst
Aditi Garg
Or the Day Seizes You
by Rajorshi Chakraborty. Penguin. Pages 208. Rs 250.
THE Life of every man is a diary in which he means to write one story, and writes another; and his humblest hour is when he compares the volume as it is with what he hoped to make it. When we reflect on the events as they unfold, we come face to face with our shortcomings and are forced to accept that most of the misgivings that we have to deal with could have been avoided.

Tale from the vale of snow
Amar Nath Wadehra
Barf, Dhoop aur Chinar
by Kashmiri Lal Zakir Educational Publishing House, Delhi. Pages 135. Rs 110
SNOW or barf represents pristine purity and dhoop or sunlight conveys natural warmth. Add to this chinar trees, and one gets the essence of Kashmiri culture – beautiful, warm and pure. At the spectrum’s other end, contrary traits too become manifest as snow can freeze and the sun burn.

In memory of a best friend
Harsh Desai
A Trip To Dog Heaven Marley & Me Life and love with the World’s Worst Dog
by John Grogan. William Morrow. Pages 291 Rs. 468
ONE watched enthralled as Marley & Me bounded up the New York Times hard cover non-fiction bestseller list like a yellow labrador, it was intriguing. Who was this Marley? After 19 weeks, it was on the top of the list and the bookseller called to say that he has a book called Marley and Me.

Faulkner’s folly
Scott Martelle
N Hollywood, even the greats can fall victim to a bad agent. An undisclosed bidder recently paid $15,000 for a 1943 letter in which future Nobel Prize winner William Faulkner complained to a potential Hollywood agent about the current "dope" of one who had committed him to a seven-year contract with Warner Bros.

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