Y O U R  D A T E  W I T H  S T A R
March 19 to March 25
[ March 21 to April 20 ]

Your economy will improve without much effort. Things that appeared frivolous will gain importance. A good time to multiply your bank balance.

[ April 21 to May 20 ]
Venus, the planet of love and beauty, will highlight your emotional life. Avoid being self-centred. Only then there will be chances to win your dream lover.
[ May 21 to June 21 ]
Donít be under the illusion that life is a childís play. Face the realities with a sportsmanís spirit. You should follow your head and not what your heart says.
[ June 22 to July 22 ]
Aligning with a Taurean or an Aquarian will bring trouble. Joining hands with a Leo or Piscean will lift your moral.
[ July 23 to Aug 22 ]
You will desire to improve your lifestyle. The demands of your near ones will add fuel to fire. The cooperation you are looking for could wither away.
[ Aug 23 to Sept 22 ]
With Mercury on backtrack, the week will see an increase in your workload. You may have to work hard to clear the backlog. Take care of your health.
[Sept 23 to Oct 22 ]
This is no time to bend or make a compromise for the second best. A pleasant surprise could be there if you act in a dignified way.
[Oct 23 to Nov 22 ]
You will swing into action with much energy. An unprecedented workload may tire you. You may have to cancel some engagements to meet the challenge.

[ Nov 23 to Dec 22]

With stars moving towards South, you may lose your cool. You need to overcome your hang ups and mix up with others freely.
[Dec 23 to Jan 20]
Saturn is entering a favourable period. You can expect a series of happy events. You need to motivate yourself.
[ Jan 21 to Feb 19 ]
Saturn may stir up your nomadic tendencies. The moment you are held up, you will run out of steam. You will fare well if you are hunting for new pastures.
[Feb 20 to March 20 ]
A jump in your economy is predicted. There is no better occasion to protect your funds and utilise them prudently. It is an ideal period to go in for long-term gains.

Born on

March 19

You should handle your relationships carefully. It is time to win back people who have not been given a fair deal in the past. A good time to heal old wounds. You should accept blame for not taking enough care in the past. The sooner you realise this, you will find opportunities for spreading goodwill and adopting a generous outlook towards those who feel aggrieved.

March 20

Moon having succumbed to her fall is a liability. A brief financial crisis is about to flare up. If people you work with are rigid and uncompromising, donít panic as this is a temporary phase. Sit back and bide your time during the first quarter. Share your problems with your well-wishers during the second. Undue generosity will be your weak point during the third. Avoid exerting yourself beyond a limit during the last one.

March 21

You are riding a lucky wave. With an increase in your earnings, the overall situation promises to be smoother. With your expertise, you will be considered a star performer at work. You will opt only for what you are good at. You will get a pat on your back during the first quarter. Expect a minor windfall during the second. A rewarding journey will be on the cards during the third. There is, however, a need to safeguard your funds.

March 22

Rarely have your stars shown so much magnanimity. Your stars advise you to take advantage of the bounties that lady luck is about to shower on you. You will fascinate your loved ones with your charm and dignity. You will not stick to routine chores and may conduct yourself in an impressive manner. Since the strength of your character lies in your will power and discipline, you will not allow petty matters to upset you.

March 23

There is a lot of activity around your sign. It will be difficult to distinguish between what is important and what needs to be ignored. A period when more thought and contemplation becomes necessary. Do not leave anything to chance. You need to add charm to your life. All work and no play will wear you out. Ther is no harm in taking otherís help.

March 24

With your benefic stars not so favourably inclined, those who work or live with you could pose problems. You should avoid making new friends or expanding your social life. It is better to concentrate on bridging the gaps in your relationships. You may have to face pressure from a friend whose opinions you donít appreciate. Someone you have been angry with seems anxious for a patch up but he may be too snobbish to accept his shortcomings. In such a situation you should take the lead.

March 25

The stars governing your finances are in a frivolous mood. Expenditure on home, and family will escalate and you may not be able to count on the generosity of elders. You should consult your bank manager, insurance agent, or any other financial wizard to see if anyone of them could render some help. If in service, there is a possibility of a senior associate retiring or moving out to a new location which might create an opening for you to improve your career prospects.

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