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Fail-safe schools
Jaspal Bhatti

Why are you sitting at home? Go to school and find out how you have fared in your examinations", said a father to his son. The son said, "If I fail my morale will go down. If out of frustration, I leave the studies; the dropout rate will increase, bringing a bad name to our government".

The Education Department of Punjab has issued verbal orders in Patiala not to fail any student in examination for non-Board classes. The department may be feeling that the large number of failures in Capt Amarinder Singh’s constituency will reflect the education level there.

Also more dropouts are likely to produce more politicians in the Chief Minister’s constituency giving him tough competition.

I feel the Education Department should come up with some innovative ways to check the dropout ratio.

l Burger, chips and pizzas should be supplied free of cost in the mid-day meals.

l There should be a facility to play video games in each class. Any student who finds the lecture boring should be allowed to play games.

l There should be a dance floor in each class. After every period, there should be a short dance break.

l Students should be allowed to throw paper missiles on their teachers during the lecture.

l Students getting significantly low marks should be given scholarships to boost their morale.

l The teachers should also provide blankets and pillows to the students who feel sleepy during the lecture.

I am sure, in no time, the dropout trend would disappear. Instead parents will be worried why their children are always late coming home from school.