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Police fails to get Bheora’s production warrants
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 27
The Chandigarh Police got an egg on its face today with a local court denying it the production warrant of the Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) operations chief ,Paramjeet Singh Bheora.

The Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate (ACJM),Mr Harbhajan Dass, "held the order" in abeyance and issued the notice to the police for tomorrow regarding the production warrant for Bheora.

In fact, a high drama was witnessed at the court with the police "secretly" moving the application for the production warrant before Mr R.K Mehta, Judicial Magistrate First Class (JMIC).When the certain human rights activists, including Mr A S Chahal and Mr Arvind Thakur, got a wind of the police act, they opposed the production warrant on several counts.

In their application, the human rights activists, who are also counsels for another alleged BKI militant an accused in the Burail jailbreak case, Jagtar Singh Hawara, opposed the production warrants saying that Mr Mehta's court was not the competent court to grant the production warrant since it was not a trial court. Besides, Mr Mehta was not even the Duty Magistrate today. Mr Mehta directed the police to move the appropriate court for the production warrant.

Following this, the police moved the application before Mr Harbhajan Dass. However, here again the Mr Chahal and Mr Thakur opposed the production warrant on the plea that since the jailbreak case, in which Bheora was a co-accused was pending in the superior court, the ACJM was not competent to issue production warrants. They also filed an application for the bail of Bheora.

It may be recalled that while denying transit remand to Bheora a Delhi court had directed the Chandigarh police to obtain a production warrant from the local court.



VLCC fails weight loss promise, told to refund money
Pradeep Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 27
The alleged misleading advertisements by Vandana Luthra Curls and Curves (VLCC) has cost the beauty and slimming centre dear with the District Forum-I, Chandigarh, today holding it guilty of deficiency and negligence in failing to deliver the promised results of 20 kg weight loss to a complainant.

Acting on a complaint filed by Ms Baljinder Kaur, a resident of Dera Bassi, the forum, headed by Mr N.S. Ahlawat, ordered the VLCC to refund Rs 20,081 to the complainant.

Ms Baljinder Kaur had filed a complaint alleging that she was misled by the advertisements issued by VLCC in a section of the Press and joined its programme for weight loss. She was offered a package for Rs 26,775, for losing 20 kg.

The complainant started availing herself of the package in July 2002, but for over six months no positive result came out. On the insistence of VLCC, she continued with the package further. But when the desired results were not achieved even after one year, she discontinued the package and filed the complaint.

She claimed refund of the amount paid and Rs 6,000 as expenses for travelling from Dera Bassi to Chandigarh on each sitting and compensation.

The VLCC submitted that the desired results could not be achieved due to the peculiar health problems of the complainant and because she did not properly follow the instructions regarding diet and exercise.

The forum said the complainant’s weight was 95.52 kg before joining the package and the targeted weight was 75.52 kg. However, there was only about 5 kg weight loss during the one-year period.

It, therefore, ordered VLCC to refund Rs 20,081 (75 per cent of the charged amount) as only 5kg weight loss was effected. Interest at the rate of 6 per cent has also been ordered to be paid along with litigation cost of Rs 550.



Court records statement through video-conferencing
Tribune News Service

Patiala, March 27
The court of the Special Judge, CBI, Punjab, recorded the statement of a witness staying in Dubai by way of video conferencing here today.

This method was adopted for the first time by any court in Punjab.

A case of fraud of Rs 2.6 crore was being tried by the court and the presence of a key witness, P.S. Daryani, settled abroad, could not be secured despite summons having been issued repeatedly.

Accepting an application filed by the prosecution, the Special Judge ordered recording of the statement of the witness through video conferencing to avoid further delay.

The proceedings of the case were shifted to the premises of BSNL where a temporary court was established, along with other equipment for video recording.

The witness was identified by Mr Rajiv Nagpal, Consular (Administration), Indian consulate at Dubai in the UAE.



Man posing as CBI officer held
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, March 27
In a major breakthrough, the Chandigarh Police today claimed to have recovered two stolen cars, three laptops, 18 mobile phones, a motorcycle and a scooter besides several other electronic appliances from an impersonator, who was nabbed last Friday, posing as the personal security officer-cum-driver of the Director, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). He was driving a gypsy bearing a plate “CBI Director” when arrested.

Inspector Ishwar Singh Mann, SHO of Sector 36 police station said that the recoveries were made following sustained interrogation of Inderjit Singh of Lalru village in Patiala district. The police has also recovered the tool that he used for breaking the locks of vehicles and doors.

When asked how the idea of impersonating a CBI officer crossed his mind, Inderjit Singh replied that he noticed that the police allows police vehicles to pass without check. “I went back to Ambala and got a fake name plate prepared reading ‘Director CBI, Delhi’ and also bought a red beacon. From that day onward, I was never stopped by the police.”

Inderjit also disclosed that initially he caught couples indulging in obscene activities in parks. “I used to look for couples indulging in obscene activates and caught them in compromising positions. I used to take anything between Rs 200 to 500 from the couple to leave them.” He also added that later he graduated to stealing expensive electrical gadgets from the vehicles lying unattended near the parks.

His wife and parents were not aware of his deeds as he had told them that he was working as a driver with a government officer. “I used to take off the beacon and the name plate from the vehicle before going home.”

Inderjit, who is a carpenter by occupation, said it was his habit of lotteries that pushed him to stealing. He added that he was doing this for the past one-and-half year and was never caught by the police.



Chandigarh Calling
Keeping law at Matka Chowk

Fascinating duty! Lined up to protect public property and thwart forcefulness, what with their 'preventive' regalia, the 'keepers of law' seem totally captivated by the goings on. A protest rally organised at Matka Chowk by the UT employees last week had the police listening in, fully focussed! Perhaps there were some points covering their grievances as well-after all support can come from the most unexpected 'belligerent' quarters, all you need to do is pin your ears back!.

Press poll

The Chandigarh Press Club elections this year were a smaller affair than previous years as there was contest for three seats only. The others had been decided upon unanimously. But even the small contest brought life among the journalist fraternity here. The drinking sessions preceding the contest got longer in the club. Telephone calls and SMS were doing the rounds. The election is a social event when journalists take time off their busy schedules and relate to one another. On the day of the polls many rare people come to cast their votes and one gets to meet many of the veterans. Long live the democratic processes for these spells social bonhomie.

Colour game

Recently, in a hair-colouring studio, one noticed a little girl, sitting on one of the chairs. Must be another of those five-year-olds accompanying their mommy dears to the parlour, one thought. But the surprise was that she was very much a client. As the hairstylist approached this young kid, armed with some hair colour, one wondered. Such a young kid and getting her hair streaked with such strong chemicals? And she's not the only one. Visit any local nursery school and you'll find lots of young girls with streaked or coloured hair. And then, we complain about problems like hair fall at the age of sixteen? Fashion and trends are of course to enhance our style but is it worth it at the cost of our health?

Traffic lights

The functioning of the traffic lights in the city is quite erratic. And this confuses the drivers no end. But last Tuesday one was surprised to see the red and green lights on at the same time for at the dividing point of Sectors 27 and 28. The result was confusion worst confounded. One wonders at such folly when the traffic is growing in the city. The traffic lights need to be monitored properly. The plea to the traffic managers is to lead kindly light.


The Museum and Art Gallery, Sector 10, had a variety of visitors recently offering their priceless wares, at a price of course! Antique dealer Goga Jain came with an assortment of old coins gold, silver and copper. His claim is a sturdy one, "My collection of coins issued by the Sultans of Delhi is better than those at the British Museum". Not all things antique made it here for scrutiny though, Delhi architect and sculptor Neeraj Gupta sent a sculpture made out of a single block of mahogany-a man, woman and their children wrapped around them. The price, a princely sum of five and a half lakh rupees!

Housing blues

The transfer of the Chandigarh Housing Board flats to the names of the owners who had bought them on a premium from the original owners remains a complicated process indeed. Even when all documents of residential proof are given, the transfer remains elusive. The only way seems to be to go to the original owner who more often than not demands money for putting down her/his signature. A sad state of affairs indeed!

Stress buster

Examination time means an overdose of stress but students have found funny little ways to bust the stress. Here is an SMS that is doing rounds on the mobiles of students of Panjab University: Har taraf padhai ka saya hai, Paper mein number kisne paya hai, Ham to jaate hain ladhkian dekhne, Lok kehate dekho aaj phir padh ke aaya hai!

Contributors: Gayatri Rajwade, Anandita Gupta, Sunil Minocha, Tarun Aggarwal and Nirupama Dutt



Teaching rural women art of embroidery
Saurabh Malik
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 27
From the banners hanging across the entrance of a Sector 22 hotel, it appears to be just another exhibition-cum-sale of apparel by some young entrepreneur, except that the show has the name “Madhuban” attached to it.

But your opinion about the whole demonstration changes as soon as you step inside the hall. For, the exhibition by Karnal-based religious organisation Arpana is not just about selling bedcovers and baby linen. It’s about empowering women through their skills, religiously. For over 45 years now, the spiritual-cum-socio-economic organisation set up by “Param Pujya Ma” has been training women to reduce the distance between both the ends by standing on their own feet.

As of now, its representatives go from village to village instructing the women in the art of embroidery and other skills under the organisation’s handicraft scheme.

“These women create magic out of fabrics without leaving the protective environs of their homes under the organisation’s income-generation projects. When the products are ready, Arpana representatives collect the stuff and display it across the cities. In the process, they create clientele for the rural women awaiting remuneration back home,” says one of the Arpana members Ms Neeta Tandon.

Associated with the organisation for over 30 years ever since she was in her teens, Ms Tandon says the women manage to earn Rs 3,000 or more every month depending upon the work circumstances permit them to undertake.

To a discerning mind, the sum may sound paltry. After all, you can’t do much with the amount. But it’s actually enough for the rural women struggling to provide the best to their little ones with little or no support from husbands busy drinking, says Ms Tandon.

Elaborating, she says that Arpana is essentially a spiritual organisation which has diversified its role to meet the requirements of changing times. Its micro credit groups make promises of prosperity and economic liberalisation with the disadvantaged rural women not just Haryana, but also Himachal Pradesh and Delhi.

This is not the end. The organisation has community welfare centers in New Delhi, besides health and diagnostic centers in Dalhousie and other places in Himachal. Its environmental and other self-help programmes are also flourishing.

Back to the exhibition — after displaying delicately embroidered fabrics by rural women in Panchkula, Arpana is displaying fresh collection at Hotel Aroma in Sector 22. You can pick up table and bed linen, besides garments for the babies and others. The prices range between Rs 100 and Rs 4000, depending upon the intricacy of work. You can also go through “Ma’s spontaneous overflow of religious emotions” in form of books on display at the exhibition.



SP Singh elected vice-chairman of DSOI panel
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 27
Capt S.P. Singh (retd) has been elected as vice chairman of the managing committee of the Defence Services Officers Institute (DSOI), Sector 36, here.

Polling 272 votes, he defeated his nearest rival, Brig K.S. Khatri (retd) by 100 votes. The third candidate in the fray for this post was Brig (retd) Ramesh Chander, who got 162 votes.

The other three elected executive members are Lt Col G.S. Sidhu (retd), Wg Cdr K.D.S. Bali (retd) and Lt Col I.P. Singh (retd). Retired officers elected to sub-committees are Sqn Ldr Gurdial Singh (appointments and discipline), Col S.S. Randhawa (finance), Major J.S. Sodhi (bar and catering), Lt Col Harpreet Singh (sports, entertainment and library) and Major D.P.S. Sandhu (area development).

The managing committee's chairman is a serving Major General nominated by Headquarters, Western Command, Chandimandir. Presently, Maj-Gen G.S. Dhillon holds this charge.



Footpath workers hold demonstration
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 27
The Footpath Workers Ekta Samiti today protested against the Municipal Corporation Commissioner, Mr P .S. Aujla.

A procession was taken out by the Samiti from Sector 20 to the Municipal Corporation. The workers demanded that the fine for rickshaw- pullers and rehri pushers should be reduced to Rs 100 from Rs 800. They further demanded that a member of the footpath committee should be part of the advisory committee of the UT Administration.



Tribune scribe bereaved

Chandigarh, March 27
Mr Tej Kumar Kapila, father of Ms Shivani Bhakoo, Tribune Reporter at Ludhiana, breathed his last, after a brief illness, today.

He is survived by his wife, three daughters and a son. He was cremated at Patiala today. His son Sanjay Kapila lit the pyre. — TNS



Three youths held
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, March 27
The police arrested three youngsters Amit, Abhishek and Gurkirpal of Sector 44 on the charge of outraging the modesty of a girl in Sector 44 on Friday.

The victim informed her brother about the incident. When he talked to the accused about the incident, they allegedly assaulted him. A case has been registered .

Scooter stolen

The Kinetic Honda scooter (CH-01-D-8386) of Shubash Chand of Sector 32-A was allegedly stolen from the city on March 7. A case of theft has been registered.


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