Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Fully booked
Those who love books can train to become knowledge managers by pursuing Library Science, writes Usha Albuquerque
OR those who love books and cant wait for a new title to come out, library science can be the ultimate career. And if your hobby is to curl up with a good book, this is where you get paid to do just that. A library’s primary purpose is to systematically store and catalogue information for easy access by users. For centuries, these vast stores of knowledge have existed within sheets of paper. Books of all shapes and sizes, periodicals, newspapers, and so on have filled shelf upon shelf of libraries across the world.

Rural BPOs witness higher job satisfaction
firm is only as happy as its staff and by this measure the BPO operations of Satyam Computers’ social arm in two Andhra Pradesh villages have been scoring high on employee satisfaction, unlike their urban counterparts.

Gearing up for IIT-JEE
Ashok Chitkara
HE JEE has a long history. It started in the early sixties and evolved over the years. For instance, English was a compulsory paper once upon a time. Later, English, though compulsory, was not in the reckoning for deciding the ranks. Questions in Hindi and an option for answering in Hindi and regional languages were introduced during the eighties. Objective-type questions were a part of the JEE for some time. Screening tests also went through metamorphoses before the present pattern was adopted in 2000. The JEE is well-known for its credibility and the IITs consider the JEE very prestigious.

Sandeep Joshi

We can take tips from him on Juggling Exams with Ease.

Indian radiologists in demand to read outsourced x-rays
Arvinder Kaur
ITH a large pool of well-trained doctors and high-tech infrastructure, India is fast emerging as a teleradiology hub, providing offshore x-ray reporting services to the US, Europe, Singapore and West Asia. In fact, with teleradiology, there are no geographic boundaries! According to estimates, the US is facing a shortage of radiologists with 20 per cent of vacancies going unfilled in hospitals and increased imaging scan numbers related to a growing aged population.

Career Hotline
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