Saturday, April 29, 2006

Karuna Goswamy


1. Thing of little value or importance

6. Small money given in charity

8. Large, heron-like wading bird

11. Common European snake

12. A dignitary by another name (inits.)

13. Before; prior to

14. Wipe out; destroy

17. Broad valley

19. In Scandinavia, the god of war

21. Founder of the Parsi faith


2. Gone by; past

3. Dropped, as from a team

4. Lake between the US and Canada

5. Hawaiian floral garland

6. The great work of Michelangelo

7. Part of a coat collar

9. Stock; strain

10. Lustre; brightness

15. Casino town in Nevada

16. Teaching institution in London, famous for eastern studies (inits.)

18. Fuss; noise

20. What a cold drink generally needs