Saturday, April 29, 2006

Rhyme TIME

Friends forever

Friends enter our lives, never to part way,

They help us to be strong and happy all the way.

Be frank and count on me, some dear ones say,

And with them we share, confide, fight and play.

Gifting precious memories of the past and today,

Desires fulfilled in their own special way.

The bond becomes stronger with each passing day.

Friends are the ones who will forever stay,

And take friendship a long way.

Prakriti Gupta, BA III,
St Bede’s College, Shimla

Hope sustains life

Hope is something,

That comes with positive thinking.

A worker hopes for good income,

And to become famous like Newton.

A farmer hopes for a good harvest,

So that this money he may invest.

A businessman hopes for more profit,

To make his life more fit.

Hope enlightens one’s mind

And influences mankind.

It helps to realise ones dreams,

Instead of allowing them to freeze.

Pelika Gupta, X-D,
St Joseph Convent Secondary School, Bathinda