Comic relief

A scene from Yes Boss
A scene from Yes Boss

IT was a case of comedy going sour. Even as the unit of the rollicking comedy Yes Boss on SAB TV organised a party on April 26 to celebrate the World Secretary Day everyone was in for a surprise.

While cutting the cake, lead star Rakesh Bedi announced that he was leaving the serial as he couldn’t take the pressures any more. The announcement left everybody in a state of shock. Kavita Kapur, Asif Sheikh, Sharad Vyas and Sulbha Arya were so upset that they even declined to have a piece of cake from Bedi.

Even as shock gave way to gloom, Rakesh Bedi broke into peals of laughter and disclosed he was playing a prank. There was all-round relief and mirth even as Kavita threatened to throttle Bedi.

And amidst the fun and games it was announced that soon viewers would have an all-new season of Yes Boss where the boss lords over the husband-and-wife team of Mohan (Rakesh Bedi) and Meera (Kavita Kapoor) leading to a series of amusing escapades. Definitely worth your time as there’s not a dull moment.

It’s a deal again

Rajiv Khandelwal with a contestant in Deal Ya No Deal
Rajiv Khandelwal with a contestant in Deal Ya No Deal

A couple of months ago, the show’s popularity took a hit when bilingual film star Madhavan quit as host of Sony’s Deal Ya No Deal.

Now the show looks all set for a fresh beginning with Rajeev Khandelwal hosting the new series every Friday at 8 p.m.

Along with the new host, the series also brings a new format. The decision-making gets tougher as contestants will now have to choose from 26 briefcases instead of 22; but to ease their difficulty; they will be able to seek support from their family members who will be seated in a special area on the set.

In search of her roots

IT is a journey from London to Chandigarh that blends the West with the East in a confluence of cultures and emotions.

Aisa Des Hi Mera on Sony, Monday to Thursday at 9 p.m. is the story of a young British girl Rusty who suddenly discovers that she is of half Indian parentage and the Britisher she calls her father is actually her stepfather and her biological father lives in Chandigarh.

Rusty decides to go to India in search of her roots. Thus starts her journey of pain, angst, hopes and dreams till she lands in Chandigarh to meet her large extended family.

Written and directed by Lekh Tandon, maker of films like Professor, Jhuk Gaya Asmaan, Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaye, the serial is the saga of three generations much like the yesteryear soap Buniyaad.

See Rusty’s journey from a staid, British way of life into a Punjab that is vibrant, celebratory, energetic and full of passion. — NF