ulta pulta
Standing joke
Jaspal Bhatti

I want to book a seat for the Wednesday 7’o clock flight to Mumbai." "Sorry sir. There’s no seat available on that flight."

"It’s very urgent. I can also go standing," I said jokingly. "Do you think it is a bus or a train?" the travel agent snapped at me.

But today, this joke could soon turn into reality. Capt. G. Gopinath, owner of Air Deccan, known for its cheap no-frills travel, is considering carrying passengers in standing position on short flights.

Someday airlines might come up with ingenious schemes to get more and more passengers. Passengers might be accommodated on the wings of the plane or even stuffed in the baggage section to further economise.

If further research is carried out in the world of cutting-edge technology, aviation scientists can design an extra carrier or a balloon hanging outside the plane for the passengers opting for third-class.

I guess people who love travelling in the trolleys attached to the tractor would love to be in this balloon. You will then hear the air-hostess making the final announcement, "Kindly check your seat belt and insurance policies as we are ready to take off..."