Wednesday, May 3, 2006


1 Which countries will jointly host the 2011Cricket World Cup?

2 Name the NRI — founder of SKS Microfinance — who used smart cards to make venture capital available to over 800 million people living on less than $2 in India.

3 Which former General of the Army has written the book "From Surprise to Victory"?

4 Who was the founder of the Red Cross movement?

5 Name the Prime Minister of Nepal.

6 Which drug is believed to be responsible for the large-scale death of vultures worldwide?

7 With which field was John Kenneth Galbraith associated?

8 Name the German automobile giant, known for its robotic-driven assembly lines worldwide, which will set up a manufacturing facility in Maharashtra.

9 Which country is the world’s biggest grower of bananas?

10Name the first dog which was cloned from adult cells by somatic nuclear cell transfer.

11Who is the Prime Minister of Israel?

12In which country is the Darfur region situated?

13Who is the President of the International Cricket Council?

14Name the child marathon prodigy who recently entered the Limca Book of Records by covering 65 km in 7.02 hours.

15Who is the only New Zealander to have scored three double centuries in Test cricket?



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Winners of quiz 257: The first prize by draw of lots goes to Himanshu Arora, XII-F, Moti Ram Arya Sr Sec School, Sector 27, Chandigarh-160019.

Second: Ashutosh Kahol, VII-B, Carmel Convent School, Nahan-173001.

Third: Mangal Singh, 10th, CRC Govt Sen Sec School, Rehan, tehsil Nurpur, district Kangra-176022.

Answers to quiz 257: Dr Karan Singh; Queen Elizabeth; Chamba; Bihar; 1986; ‘Taj Mahal’; Hercharan Singh; Organic Light Emitting Diode; Nicosia; Eye; Rudi Koertzen and David Shephard; Jason Gillespie; Eight; Germany; Ricky Ponting.

Cash awards of Rs 400, 300 and 200 are given to the first, second and third prize winners, respectively. These are sent at the school address.

Note: Kindly mention the pincode of your place to facilitate the delivery of the prize money.

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