Saturday, May 13, 2006

Rhyme TIME
Smile a while

A smile costs nothing,

But it is worth spreading.

Why keep a smile at bay,

Keep smiling every day.

Smile is like a beautiful flower,

Spreading fragrance like a fresh shower.

It is not difficult to smile,

It can make hard hearts go fragile.

Always keep on smiling,

This will be to everybodyís liking.

Smile is a Godís gift,

Sometimes it can help mend a rift.

Only men have the power to smile,

So leave aside all worries and smile.

Param Pal Singh, IX, DAV Public School, BRS Nagar, Ludhiana

Vacation time

Summer vacations will soon come,

During these we have loads of fun.

Students are eager to play,

But due to exams, attention on

studies they have to pay.

They want to play hide and seek;

But their first paper is of social


They plan to play a cricket match,

But the only snag is maths,

They want to make a friend

appear foolish,

But they are very weak in


They think of flying a kite,

The next paper is science,

Little girls like to put bindi,

They do not worry about


Now their examinations are over,

They put their bags in a corner.

Itika Dahiya, XII, S.R.S. Public School, Rohtak