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Panipat-Jalandhar LPG pipeline by 2008
Varinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Jalandhar, May 24
In an initiative, which, would help residents of certain areas of Punjab and effect a drastic cut in heavy LPG transportation costs, the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has started an exercise to lay 273-km long LPG pipeline between its Panipat refinery and Jalandhar-based bottling plant.

Time frame and other modalities have to be finalised, but, the IOC authorities are making efforts to commission the proposed Rs 175 crore LPG pipeline by the end of 2008. Entire expenditure of Rs 175 crore on the project, would be borne by the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), sources said.

The Jalandhar-based LPG bottling plant of the IOC is sourcing LPG from Panipat with the help of huge trucks (bullets). But what has forced the IOC to envisage a direct pipeline between Panipat and Jalandhar is the high transportation costs and risks involved in the transportation of the LPG by road.

To make the project a reality the IOC authorities applied to the Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) for environmental clearance certificate. Since the pipeline would pass through areas in Haryana, a similar request has been made by the IOC to the Haryana State Pollution Control Board. The process of recording of objections, if any, to people of those districts, through which the pipeline would cross and where land acquisition may be required, has also taken off at district administration levels in Punjab and Haryana, said the IOC sources.

In addition to supply of LPG through bullets, the IOC plant at Suchi Pind near here is getting four of its products — diesel, kerosene, petrol and aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) — at the plant via a single pipeline, which, connects the plant to the Panipat refinery. The fuel received via pipeline is then transported by road to various areas of Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir. In case of ATF, needs of Amritsar, Jammu, Pathankot airports are also met to this plant.

With the installation of proposed pipeline LPG would also reach Suchi Pind Plant of the IOC from the Panipat Refinery. Feasibility of the proposed project is also being studied by the IOC, which, is armed with a 18 foot wide right of way for its existing oil pipleline.

Mr Gaurav Chibba, Senior Operations and Maintenance Engineer (Mathura-Jalandhar Pipeline project), IOC, said, “We may not require additional land at most of places.”

Mr Chibba said the proposed project would not reduce only highway traffic hazards, but, it would also result in cutting of transportation costs to mere 30 per cent of the existing amount. “The IOC would be saving large sum of money when this project comes to life,” said Mr Chibba.

The pipeline, sources pointed out, would cut traffic congestion on the Jalandhar-Delhi highway, which, will become more safe for vehicle users once huge bullets were off the road. “There will be no risk of tanker leaks and other such freak accidents associated with LPG transportation and the supply of LPG to the area will not get hit in case of strikes by truckers etc.,” an official pointed out. The Ministry of Petroleum, it was learnt, has already cleared the proposed project and once it takes shape of reality LPG supply is likely to more smooth to residents of a number of districts of Punjab and it would also become more easy for the IOC to serve its consumers.


Do not hike minimum market value of land, DCs told
Sarbjit Dhaliwal
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 24
The Punjab Government has withdrawn the order regarding the fixation of the minimum market value of land and other property located in various districts.

The Department of Revenue and Rehabilitation of the state government has directed all Deputy Commissioners not make any increase in the minimum market value of the property for the current financial year.

The Deputy Commissioners have been told to peg the minimum market value of the property at what it was on March 31, 2006. In other words, land deeds will be registered in the state on the basis of the minimum market value that was applicable on that date and had been fixed by the Deputy Commissioners concerned for various areas.

This decision of the government will give relief to people in the countryside. Stamp duty is charged from people who get land deeds registered in tehsil offices on the basis of the minimum market value fixed for different areas by the Deputy Commissioners. The minimum market value is revised upward at the beginning of the financial year.

In a letter faxed to the Deputy Commissioners, Divisional Commissioners and other officers concerned, the state government has stated that it has been brought to its notice that the minimum market value of land and other property for the current fiscal year has been fixed 500 to 600 per cent higher than what it was during the last financial year in various districts. This was required to be reviewed at places where it was on the higher side.

The Deputy Commissioners have been told that the target of stamp duty collection should be pegged at the actual level in last financial year. They have been told send the compliance report to the state government immediately.

Only a few days ago, farmers from the Barnala area had met the Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh. They had requested him to bring down the minimum market value of land in the areas where it was unreasonable. The Chief Minister had directed the officers concerned to take action in the matter.


State directed to file challan in Peacock poaching case
Aditi Tandon
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 24
Almost two years after the then Pathankot SDM, Mr Puneet Goyal, allegedly poached the national bird, departmental proceedings against him are yet to be initiated. But if today’s orders passed by the Acting Chief Justice of the Punjab and Haryana High Court are anything to go by, the state will have to file a charge sheet against him within a month. However, the Punjab Government has not yet given the Punjab Wildlife Department the sanction to prosecute Mr Goyal.

The poaching case involving former Pathankot SDM Puneet Goyal had surfaced on February 29, 2004. The case made headlines, more so because the former SDM managed to get bail in an otherwise non-bailable offence of poaching of the national bird. Honorary Wildlife Wardens of Gurdaspur and Hoshiarpur, Mr S.S. Bajwa and Mr Gunraj Singh, reported the case, respectively.

It was on July 29, exactly five months after the crime was committed. that Additional Sessions Judge Hoshiarpur cancelled Mr Goyal’s bail. The case took another turn today, with the Punjab and Haryana High Court allowing bail to the former SDM.

In the meantime, the High Court today allowed bail to the former SDM, now posted at Chandigarh. Acting Chief Justice Mr H.S. Bedi passed the order, on a quashing petition, which Mr Goyal had filed against the orders of the Additional Sessions Judge, Hoshiarpur. The latter had declined Mr Goyal’s bail plea following which Mr Goyal had appealed against the order in the High Court and secured a stay on his arrest.

Today, counsel for the witnesses, Mr Gunraj Singh and Mr Sukhdeep Singh Bajwa (former wildlife wardens of Hoshiarpur and Gurdaspur respectively), opposed Mr Goyal’s bail plea stating that he had been allegedly threatening the witnesses, interfering with the investigation procedures by procuring wrong reports, and had been in general trying to escape the issue.

It may be recalled here that a detailed forensic examination of the dead peahen had revealed the alleged involvement of Mr Goyal in the case. The palettes of bullets recovered from the bird’s body had matched the shots from Mr Goyal’s gun, thus placing him on a weak footing.

The High Court, however, ruled in favour of Mr Goyal today, while also allowing bail to his accomplices – the driver of the jeep in which the carcasses were found and another man. It also took strict notice of the inordinate delay in the filing of the challan against the accused under the Wildlife Protection Act. Hence the direction that departmental proceedings against him be initiated soon, and challan be filed in a month’s time.

Speaking to The Tribune today, counsel for witnesses in this high profile case said the High Court had steered the case in the right direction. He said, “We hope the challan is filed within the stipulated time. If it is not we will file a contempt petition against the accused in this poaching case which raises serious concerns about the general health and safety of the peacock in its own land.”


Cop compiles document on Sikh-Muslim warmth
Varinder Walia
Tribune News Service

Amritsar, May 24
In common perception, many Sikhs and Muslims see themselves as inveterate foes. However, a dispassionate reading of the research-based document, Mulaman Kahawan Muskal, compiled by police officer Iqbal Singh, who was decorated with the President Award for meritorious service, highlights the affectionate relationship between Sikh Gurus and Muslim seers.

Mr Iqbal Singh was the first senior police officer to enter the Golden Temple after operation Black Thunder in 1988 for information about the operation. He had been the first police officer assigned to investigate into the Sikh-Nirankari clash in 1978 which was the cause of the Punjab problem.

He had also retrieved the body of the then DIG, A.S. Atwal, who was shot outside the “parikarma” of the Golden Temple in 1983.

The document, first of its kind, is a tribute to Guru Arjan Dev on his 400th martyrdom day that falls next month. The document says the Sikh Guru seemed to have seen his mission as reminding Hindus and Muslims of the oneness of God and mankind and the meaningless of empty ritualism. That is why he was revered by Hindus as well as Muslims.

The book, Mulaman Kahawan Muskal, has been divided into three chapters. The first chapter deals with Gurbani recorded in Guru Granth Sahib about the philosophy of Islam and its interpretation by the Gurus.

The book got its name from a “shabad” of Guru Nanak Dev recorded at page number 141 of Guru Granth Sahib. These “shabads” guide us to be a true Muslim and a good human being. The second chapter deals with the life of Muslims who served Sikh Gurus.

It starts with Mai Daulatan, “dai” (nurse) of Guru Nanak Dev. Some historical facts have also been connected to present the exact picture before the public like the life of Mata Kaulan.

The book says Guru Nanak Dev maintained close relations with numerous Muslims throughout his life. He had many Muslim disciples. Guru Nanak only exhorted them to become better Muslims rather than changing their faith or communal allegiance.

The book is a homage to Muslim personalities who served the Sikh Gurus. A number of books and writings are available in which the atrocities, injustice, oppression and violence on by Muslim rulers have been narrated. However, very little has been done to highlight the service of those Muslims who understood the religion and served the Gurus and the Sikhs. They sacrificed their families to save the Gurus and Sikhs.

The third chapter contains teachings of the Koran. The book also gives knowledge about the secular policy of Sikh Guru and their followers. Guru Ki Maseet, built by the Guru Hargobind Sahib at Hargobindpur in Gurdaspur, is a monument of secularism.

The Moorish Mosque, built by Maharaja Kapurthala Jagatjit Singh, is an another such example, it says.


Jagmeet Brar’s supporters reply to party notice
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 24
Mr Tara Singh Sandhu, Mr Harinder Pal Singh Harry and Mr Kulbir Singh Bathinda, who were suspended from the Congress, today submitted their replies to the show-cause notice served on them for allegedly violating party discipline. Sources in the party said that the three leaders submitted their replies in sealed envelopes at Punjab Congress Bhavan here today.

The president of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee, Mr Shamsher Singh Dullo, had suspended them a few days ago from the party. They were also served with a show-cause notice for violating party discipline.

They are supporters of the Congress Working Committee member, Mr Jagmeet Singh Brar, and had given support to Mr Brar when he raised the issue of offering land to Reliance Industries Limited at a throwaway price.


DC sees no threat to Chhatbir Zoo from Ghaggar
Chander Parkash
Tribune News Service

Patiala, May 24
Even as the Ghaggar has been posing a threat to Chhatbir Zoo during the monsoon, the authorities concerned seem to have turned their backs to the problem as no funds have been allocated to any agency to carry out flood protection measures.

Information gathered by TNS revealed that though the zoo authorities had been constantly taking up the matter with the Punjab Government for taking steps to save the same, the authorities concerned had not allocated any funds.

Mr Kuldeep Kumar, Director, Chhatbir Zoo, said he had been making efforts to get the repair work of spurs and other flood protection work done by the state government at the earliest. He added that he had been doing so through the Principal Conservator of Forests and Wildlife, Punjab.

He pointed out that though he had taken up the matter with the authorities concerned about three months ago, no work had been started so far.

He added that if the flood-protection measures were not carried out within time, the Ghaggar could cause huge damage to it.

A spur at the zoo had suffered huge damage during the monsoon last year and now it was in bad shape. The bundh would not be able to withstand the flow of the Ghaggar during the rains.

Apart from it, outlet of zoo water into the Ghaggar was in bad shape when a joint inspection was carried out by Mr Tejvir Singh, Deputy Commissioner, Mohali, and officials of the Irrigation and Drainage Department a few days ago, pointed out zoo officials.

The zoo officials pointed out that they had come to know that the state government was not in a position to allocate the funds demanded by the officials of the Irrigation and Drainage Department for the strengthening work at the zoo.

The Deputy Commissioner said he had visited the zoo and as per his opinion there was no emergency to carry out the works immediately.

He added that some reinforcement work of bundhs was required and that would be done accordingly. When asked whether there was any cut in the estimate made by the officials of the Irrigation and Drainage Department for flood protection measures, he denied it.


Cantt boards functioning under 1924 Act
Ashok Sethi

Amritsar, May 24
Cantonment boards across the country continue to function under the outdated Act of 1924. A senior resident of the cantonment area here, Mr Swaranjit Singh Butt, a former Cambridge Cricket Blue, said elections to the board were held on the whims and fancies of the Army and no set procedure was followed in this regard. He said the elections in all probability were being held next month after a gap of more than five years.

Questioning the wisdom of the Defence Ministry, Mr Butt, a contemporary of Dr Manmohan Singh at Cambridge University, felt suitable amendments in the Cantonment Act of 1924 were the need of the hour. Apathy of the military establishment led to neglect of the civilian population over the past many decades.

He said no proper groundwork, including revision of constituencies, had been done to prepare for the elections. This showed the Army’s lackadaisical approach towards an important democratic event.

He said looking at the present election scenario, the cantt board had been divided into four constituencies, including bungalow ward, which had 22 bungalows, besides Chola barrack. Pointing out an anomaly in the constituency layout, Mr Butt said bungalow number 21 was in Railway Colony constituency while bungalow No 22 in the Sadar Bazar ward, which is a reserved ward.

Giving details of different wards, he said the Railway Colony ward was under the Ministry of Railways, but the cantt board continued to hold sway in the area. To top it all, cantt board offices were located in the high security zone where civilians in the cantonment found it difficult to gain access.


Two labourers buried alive
Our Correspondent

Patiala, May 24
Two persons were buried alive under bricks and soil when they were working in a well at Jhandi village, near Dakala, about 8 km from Patiala, today.

The two labourers were working in the tubewell of Kaka Singh this morning when suddenly a large number of bricks fell on them, burying them alive.

The villagers tried their best to rescue them but after an hour’s effort they found that it was too late to save the labourers. The deceased have been identified as Bhinder Singh and Pammi Lal.


Duststorm claims a life
Our Correspondent

Abohar, May 24
High-velocity duststorm claimed a life here, official sources said today. 

Amandeep Singh, and Balbir Singh residents of Sadulshehar, near here, got trapped in the duststorm that hit the region last evening.

Amandeep (19), a farmer, lost control of the tractor-trailer that he was driving near Bishanpura village and was crushed under a tyre. He died on the spot, while his partner Balbir sustained injuries and was admitted to the Civil Hospital here. The body of the victim was handed over to the parents after a post-mortem examination. The storm uprooted scores of trees along the roadside and affected vehicular traffic for a few hours.


CBI chargesheets ex-SSP in firearm licence scam
Our Correspondent

Ferozepore, May 24,
A CBI team probing the firearm licence scandal has filed a chargesheet against a former SSP, Ferozepore, Mr G. S. Pherurai, along with some of his relatives and a former ADC, Ferozepore, Mr R. G. Sahota, in two cases.

The CBI has also initiated action against other erring government officials, nambardars, arms dealers and certain politicians allegedly involved in the firearm licence scam which rocked the state following the arrest of several hardcore criminals in various parts of Delhi, Haryana and Jammu and Kashmir, who were found to be in possession of fake licences issued by the Licensing Authority, Ferozepore.

Mr Pherurai had allegedly facilitated arm licences for his kith and kin during his tenure as the police chief of Ferozepore in which the SSP’s residence was mentioned against the permanent address of licensees.

Ironically, in two licences, the SSP office was mentioned as the permanent residence of the licence holder!

The CBI, which has been probing the scandal for the past four years, has also sought prosecution sanction against another 200 persons, including civil and police officials, in order to initiate legal action against them for which it has approached various departments, including Local Bodies, Home, Cantonment Board, Police, besides the district administration.

CBI sources said the state government has already given the nod for filing challan against former district officials, including an SSP and an ADC. 


New SSP for Mansa
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 24
The Punjab Government today transferred the SSP, Mansa, Mr Amit Prasad, and posted Mr Ram Singh in his place.

Mr Prasad has been posted as Commandant of 82nd Battalion of the Punjab Armed Police, Chandigarh. Mr Prasad had sought his transfer due to personal reasons.


Approval for relief fund expenditure
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 24
A joint meeting of the Chief Minister's Relief Fund and the Flood Relief Fund Committees was held here today under the chairmanship of the Punjab Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh, to approve the expenditure incurred during the years 2002-03, 2003-04, 2004-05, 2005-06 and from 2006-07 (up to 22 May).


Bodies of ‘lovers’ found in canal
Tribune News Service

Rajpura, May 24
Bodies of two lovers of Sham Nagar locality, who had reportedly eloped after their family members objected to their marriage, were found from Narwana canal at Sarala village near here, this morning.

According to the police, bodies of Tarna Sood (15), a Class X student, and Sukhwinder Singh, alias Banty (22), a sweet meet shop owner, were fished out from the canal after a struggle of over one-an-a-half hours by a team of police personnel this afternoon.

They had eloped from the city on May 19 and their belongings were found in Dharamgarh village, about 15 km upstream of the canal, after their family members started searching for them. The family members had also found Banty’s scooter and a bag, purse and a pair of jutis of Tarna abandoned on the canal bank in Sarala village.

Earlier, Mr Surinder Kumar Sood, father of the girl had lodged a complaint against the boy for abducting his daughter and a case under Sections 373 and 366-A was registered against Banty, son of Mr Sardara Singh, at City police station, disclosed ASI Raghubir Singh, investigating officer of the case.

After, a post-mortem examination at AP Jain Hospital, the bodies were handed over to the families. To avoid any clash among the relatives of the girl and boy, their bodies were cremated on different crematoriums in the town.


Teenaged Dalit girl gang-raped
Our Correspondent

Batala, May 24
A teenaged Dalit girl of Kot Todar Mal village was allegedly raped by three youths, Daljeet Singh, a son of Joginder Singh of Tugalwal village, Gurinder Singh, alias Happy, a son of Balkar Singh of Kot Todar Mal village and Balwinder Singh, a son of Kartar Singh of Varaich village.

The Batala police chief, Mr L.K. Yadav, told media persons here today that the youths took the girl to an isolated place four days back and had been raping her since then.

Mr Yadav said that on the statement of the girl, the police had registered a case under Sections 376, 366-A and 34, IPC, at Qadian police station.

He said that the youths told the girl that her mother was injured in a road accident and had been admitted to the Gurdaspur Civil Hospital. She accompanied them to see her mother, but they took her to an undisclosed place and raped her for four days.

Police parties have been sent to various places to nab the culprits.


Spurious ghee maker booked
Our Correspondent

Abohar, May 24
The police yesterday unearthed a spurious desi ghee-manufacturing unit here. Sources said a police party cordoned off a house in Street No 6 in the Nai Abadi locality on a tip-off and seized some quantity of the ghee suspected to be spurious along with containers of vegetable oil, perfuming essence, chemicals and liquid sugar allegedly being used for preparing desi ghee.

The unit had been working for more than a decade but had evaded action allegedly due to “wilful apathy” on the part of officials of the Health Department who had been visiting the sub-divisional town to collect samples but consumer activists termed it as a money collection exercise.

The police took action on a tip off given by a milk supplier who had some dispute with the proprietors of the unit. A case has been registered under Sections 420, IPC, and took Chintu Mulakh Raj in its custody for interrogation. Later the civil surgeon and his team also reached the house for necessary proceedings, sources added.

The sources said preliminary investigation reportedly revealed that Chintu had been supplying spurious desi ghee to some leading sweets (mithai) manufacturers in the town, one of them in the old Anaj Mandi area and the other near the Malout chowk. 


Doctor held for beating wife, mother-in-law
Tribune News Service

Muktsar, May 24
The police has arrested a local doctor on the charge of thrashing his wife and mother-in-law here today. The doctor has a clinic on Pandit Jai Dayal Street in the city.

According to sources, the accused, Dr Sudhir Raj, had differences with his wife Arpana Rai over some issue. They got married in 1994 and had two children. Sources said Dr Arpana reportedly called her mother, 73-year-old Seeta Sharma, a retired doctor from Guru Ramdas Hospital, Amritsar, on May 2 and told her that her husband had badly beaten her up and was seeking divorce from her.

Dr Seeta decided to visit her daughter’s place and sort out the issue. But the situation turned ugly this morning when her son-in-law allegedly started beating her up while she was performing prayers. She somehow managed to rush out of the house and took a rickshaw to the Deputy Commissioner’s residence. She narrated her woes to the Deputy Commissioner, who arranged a vehicle and got her admitted to the Civil Hospital. The sources said Dr Sudhir also reportedly thrashed his wife later. She is also recuperating at a hospital now.

Police sources said Dr Sudhir had been arrested and a case registered against him.


2 arrested for killing baba
Our Correspondent

Amritsar, May 24
The local police arrested two Bhattres (alms seekers) for killing Baba Bhola Singh, alias Baba Gurbax Singh Bhola, of Gurdwara Gurusar Satlani Sahib on May 16.

Addressing media persons here today, Mr S.S Shrivastava, SSP, said the accused, along with six of their accomplices, had murdered the baba near the Bohru bridge on the Jhabal road. Baba Balwant Singh, who was accompanying him, and driver Harjit Singh were injured in the incident.


Mother killed, son hurt in road accident
Our Correspondent

Batala, May 24
Mohinder Kaur, alias Mindhi (57), was killed and her son, Balwinder Singh, was injured when the motor cycle they were riding was hit by an Army truck on the GT Road near Model Town here today. They belonged to Jaadpur Sekhwan village under Rangar Nangal police station in Batala police district.

The body of Mohinder Kaur was handed over to the family after conducting a post-mortem examination at the Civil Hospital, Batala.


7 hurt in clash over land

Hoshiarpur, May 24
As many as seven persons were injured in a clash between two groups over the possession of land at Tanauli village in this district last evening. All the injured persons of both the groups were admitted to the local Civil Hospital.

According to police sources, Charanjit Singh, a son of Shamsher Singh of Tanauli, had given his 21 kanal land to Raghbir Singh of the same village on lease. He had changed the lease in favour of Lambardar Surinder Singh for the current year. Raghbir Singh had already sowed sugarcane in the land.

Surinder Singh along with his accomplices, armed with sharpedged arms and weapons, went to the fields to take possession of the land last evening. They tried to plough the land with a tractor. Raghbir Singh along with his supporters, who were already present there, stopped them from doing so. As a result the clash took place.

Meanwhile, a police force also reached there. Sources said that two gun shots were fired in the air, including one by the police party. — OC


SGPC in a fix over Dhaliwal’s fate
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 24
The Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC) appears to be in a dilemma over the suspension of Dr U.S. Dhaliwal, former Director of Sri Guru Ram Das Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Amritsar. The SGPC had suspended Dr Dhaliwal on charges of misconduct and abuse of power.

It had also constituted a three member inquiry committee to probe the charges.

The three members included former minister and senior Akali leader, Mr Sucha Singh Langah, Dr K.S. Chugh and Dr Devinder Singh Sandhu. The inquiry committee had reportedly given serious terms of reference of enquiry against Dr Dhaliwal, which included financial mismanagement and misuse of power.

The sources revealed that the inquiry, which was being held in a confidential manner, had almost been completed. Among the charges levelled against Dr Dhaliwal included “unauthorised payment of Rs 60,000 to a senior advocate of the Punjab and Haryana High Court without obtaining the permission of a competent authority, forcibly taking away his security deposit cheque of over Rs 50,000 from the institute’s accountant, purchasing an obsolete model of MRI machine for the institute, taking away several important files of the institute even after being suspended and retaining the same with him, besides other charges of omission and commission.

Even the students of the institute had been on strike demanding his removal. It was after a lot of unrest in the institute that the SGPC ultimately removed him from the post of the Director.

Dr Dhaliwal is learnt to have managed the support of some senior Akali leaders for getting himself reinstated. However, the SGPC is finding it difficult to do so.


Meeting held to review DRIP progress
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 24
The state-level project coordination and guidance committee meeting was held at the NABARD Regional Office last evening, to review the progress of DRIP (district rural industries project) in four districts of Bathinda, Muktsar, Kapurthala and Patiala.

The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Mr Sanjay Kumar, Secretary and Director, Industries Department, Government of Punjab. DRIP is a programme of NABARD which aims at integrated development of rural non-farm sector through credit intensification process in collaboration with various project partners viz. the state government, banks, NGOs and developmental agencies by providing sustainable employment opportunities to rural population by facilitating setting up of cottage, village, tiny and small industries in rural areas.

Mr S.C. Chakroborty, OIC, NABARD, presided over the meeting. Senior bank officials and govt officials, including the RBI and State-Level Banker Committee nominees attended the meeting. It was apprised at the meeting that as on December 31 last year, 24768 NFS units were established, involving a credit of Rs 70051.00 lakh and an employment of 95212 has been generated. Mr P. Renganathan, General Manager, NABARD, said the growth rate of ground level credit for NFS in the DRIP districts was 30 per cent as compared to 13 per cent in non-DRIP districts indicating the impact of effective interventions of NABARD in DRIP districts.

The Director, Industries, suggested the district-level authorities to take full benefit of the DRIP programme for establishment of new units under non-farm sector which has tremendous scope for employment generation.

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