Saturday, June 3, 2006

Rhyme TIME

All the teachers are like our parents,

They encourage us to get success.

Teachers have much knowledge to give,

In their minds, does knowledge live.

It seems that they are the messengers of God,

And they are nearest to the heart of God.

They lead a simple life, They spread knowledge all their life.

Teachers are admired much by students,

They always follow punctuality & calmness.

They are the roots of the young generation,

Students and teachers have a strong relation.

Itika Dahiya, XII, S.R.S. Public School, Haryana (Rohtak)


Early in the morning

When we are yawning

Our mother tells us to wake up

As the sun’s rays show up

Doing the daily work

We check if we have done the


We rush to the school

The teacher sometimes loses her cool

We then borrow books

Teacher then gives us scornful looks.

Sometimes she gives a beautiful note in the diary

Without any tarry

But the face is formal

As this job is normal

Then comes the time to play

Then we have our way

As the school comes to an end

With weight of bags, our back do does bend

With the homework we are back

Carrying the school bag like a sack

Pelika Gupta, IX-D, St. Joseph’s Convent Sec. School, Bathinda, Punjab