Discovery of self
Randeep Wadehra

The truth about getting your point acrossThe truth about getting your point across
by Lonnie Pacelli Pearson Education, N. Delhi. Pages: xviii + 247. Rs 225.

IT’S not uncommon for one to find that his or her utterance has somehow been misinterpreted. This misunderstanding can prove ruinous to relationships—professional as well as personal. Therefore, it’s imperative to possess effective communication skills. Pacelli cites great communicators like J.F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., who had such exemplary traits in common as courage, conviction, wisdom, clarity and credibility. A successful communicator keeps in mind the nature an d needs of his message’s recipients. Based on his personal experiences the author has detailed various communication techniques that could prove handy in work-situations which might crop up in your office. A worthwhile effort.Loving God

Loving God
by Baba Virsa Singh Sterling. Pages 84. Rs 75.

THIS book claims that Baba Siri Chand, Guru Nanak Dev and Guru Gobind Singh had appeared in Baba Virsa Singh’s dream, given him naam and told him that he’d be a great success in Russia. There’re a lot of sensible things said in the book, like all seers and prophets had tried to remove differences between man and man. But, their respective followers set up different creeds in their names, thus accentuating divisions within mankind. However, the claims of spiritual healing may sound a bit unrealistic to the sceptic. If mere beri leaves could cure all "intractable" ailments our hospitals should’ve gone out of business by now. But the believer will find this book a rewarding experience.

Me, a winnerMe, a winner
by Bobby Menon & Jyothi Menon. EastWest Books, Chennai.
Pages: xx + 129. Rs 195.

Politely but firmly David’s employer fires him from his job, causing a quake in his family life. While he snaps and snarls at his wife, the latter shows patience and wisdom. She helps him come out of the blues and seek another job. At this stage he discovers a business card, with ‘Prakash Vathsav, Teacher’ inscribed on it, which was thoughtfully given to him by his ex-boss as a parting gift. His meeting with Vathsav transforms David’s entire attitude towards life. Success now has an altogether different meaning for him. He learns the true import of frugal living and spirituality; and the real difference between religion and spiritualism, among other things. This journey of self-discovery is well narrated and is thought provoking. One wishes the introductions and acknowledgments were less profuse, however.