Saturday, June 17, 2006

The sway of Pink Floyd 

Pink Floydís 1973 classic album Dark Side Of The Moon has been voted the most life-changing music in a poll conducted in Britain. The poll called, "Music To Change Your Life" was conducted by BBC Radio 2. Radio host Jeremy Vine invited listeners to choose the song with the most power as part of the stationís new interactive music club.

"Dark Side of the Moon won hands down. People just love it. For its mammoth sense of scale and all the invention, itís still wonderful," Contactmusic quoted him as saying.

Pink Floyd vocalist and guitarist David Gilmour said, "Itís fantastic. What can I say except be thrilled. Itís a good combination of great music and great lyrics.

"Itís music for people who have a brain as well as a soul, I think. The themes are just as relevant today as they were 33 years ago."

Jeff Buckleyís Hallelujah came second and The Beach Boys God Only Knows was third in the poll. Other songs in the running included REMís Everybody Hurts and John Lennonís Imagine. ó ANI