Ulta Pulta
Money matters

Budget, economy and planning these are the buzzwords today. Every housewife says, "I run my house on a shoe-string budget, but my husband upsets it all by giving reckless parties to his worthless friends".

And if you ask the husband hes likely to say, "My wife manages to upset my monthly budget with her shopping in a single day."

Different homes have different ways to economise their expenses. An uncle of mine was against gross wastage. One day while cleaning the house he found a bottle of cough syrup which was half full. On glancing at the expiry date, he was dismayed to find that after 15 days the medicine would be of no use. That night he made his wife sleep in the open, hoping that she would catch cold and thereby utilise the remaining cough syrup.

One day my wife came thundering into the room. "I have yet to see a greater spendthrift than you. Five years ago, you bought this fire extinguisher. Till today, it has been of no use."

I replied, "I have a gun too. If our house has not been robbed as yet, do you think that I should go to the terrace every evening and fire five rounds in the air to make use of my gun?"