Wednesday, July 5, 2006

2D and 3D animation has created lots of jobs in the fields of music, publishing, graphic arts, films, television, advertising, corporate communications and gaming, writes Usha Albuquerque
he recent release of Krrish with Hrithik Roshan achieving impossible feats, is an eyeopener for what animation and 3D modelling can do. But havenít you also enjoyed the antics of Shrek ! Or the mind-blowing special effects in Matrix? Ramayana ó the Legend of Prince Ram has captured the fancy of US studios and won prestigious awards. The Shah Rukh-starrer, Duplicate, with a dozen Shah Rukhs on the screen together is another treat! In fact today, many of the animators for Hollywood blockbusters like Titanic and Batman Foreover are Indian, and India is emerging as a big base for outsourcing animation and digital special effects work for studios such as Disney Pictures, Spielburgís Dreamworks and Cartoon Network.

Sandeep Joshi

Sir, after so many leaks, they thought we might need all the plumbers in town.

Keep contact details in resume updated
Maryann Haggerty
on Veazey, an information-systems specialist, wrote, ďI am reentering the workplace after tending to my fatherís extended illness. Iím finding that most employers are reluctant to hire someone without a current job.Ē

At the career crossroads?
Dare to decide
Amy Joyce
ost days, we walk through life in the same way. We wake up surrounded by the same walls, pass the same landmarks on the way to work, the same work weíve done for ... forever?

Make a splash in a new job
Mary Ellen Slayter

We all know itís important to make a good impression at an interview. But what about the impression we make once weíve landed the job? While it might feel as if all the hard work is done, Milo and Thuy Sindell know better.

Try again, rejection is another opportunity
I.M. Soni
T is baffling. Why should you, of all persons, be rejected for the job you thought you were made for? It is all more baffling because rejection is hurting to self-respect. Lots of factors prevent you from getting the job you aim at. Many of them you have control over, while others you donít.

Call centres in Singapore pay more than those in India
all centre operators in Singapore command at least three times more in wages than their counterparts in India, a news report said on Monday. A survey by a recruitment firm in Singapore showed that call centres in the island republic were recruiting employees at a faster pace than the regional average, and high wages did not seem to pose a deterrence.

Interview calls for preparation and poise
R.C. Sharma
OMEBODY has rightly said that knowledge is your best protection against the unknown. Therefore, equip yourself with all the information you can gather for the interview. Get hold of the annual report and sales brochures of the firm youíve applied to. Also talk to some of its dealers, even employees. Scan newspapers and magazines to gain knowledge about the company.

Title track
You Are Better Than You Know
By I.M. Soni
pages 312;Rs 180
A noted freelance journalist and former Mass Communication Professor, the author has drawn upon a lifetime of observations, readings and experiences to compile this guide to personality development and career planning. Divided into six parts, the book begins by covering the various dimensions of personality. The second part is devoted to the widening of the mental horizons, followed by a section dealing with the development of emotional intelligence.

Career HotliNE
Dual degree
Pervin Malhotra
Q I am doing BA (English) from Guru Nanak Dev University. Can you please tell me if I can do a correspondence course from another university along with my graduation?

Bits & bytes
Training centre for banking, finance professionals
T training company NIIT Ltd has decided to foray into other areas of the service economy through a new subsidiary, NIIT Institute of Finance Banking and Insurance Training Ltd.

  • Masterís course in CADD

  • New computer programme

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